12-year-old girl writing 170,000-word martial arts novels was interviewed, and the sword never left her body (Figure)


    [Content at a glance]Zhu Xiaojun, a 12-year-old girl from Zhongshan, Guangdong, has written more than 10 novels in the past four years. Among them, the martial arts novel "Vertical and Horizontal World" is as long as 170,000 words, and her martial arts coach in the Children’s Palace is written into the book as the protagonist.

Zhu Xiaojun was interviewed, but Jian still stayed with him.

    Southern Network reported on October 30 that Chen Xianhong, a martial arts coach in Zhongshan Youth Palace, still remembers that one day last year, an 11-year-old girl, Zhu Xiaoyun, came running excitedly and said, "I am going to write a martial arts novel, and you are the protagonist in it."

    "Well, I’ll wait and see." Chen Xianhong replied smoothly. Half a year later, his name really appeared repeatedly in Zhu Xiaojun’s novels. This martial arts novel named "Vertical and Horizontal World" has 14 chapters and 170,000 words.

    learn/practise wushu

    "Use a sword like a little dragon girl."

    In August last year, Zhu Xiaoyun participated in the martial arts class of the Youth Palace. Over the past year or so, he has been trained from ordinary martial arts classes to elite classes. He has been a member of the Youth Palace Wushu Team and has participated in performances from time to time. But what impressed coach Chen Xianhong most was Zhu Xiaoyun’s extreme enthusiasm for martial arts novels. Zhu Xiaojun, a junior high school student in Zhongshan No.1 Middle School, is now the author of more than 10 novels? ? Although none of these works have been published yet. Her most impressive experience was the sci-fi novel Mutation, which was created when she was in the fifth grade. It was serialized in Boys and Girls magazine for a period of time last August, but "the serialization time was not long and the manuscript fee has not been received."

    On Sunday afternoon, in the martial arts class on the third floor of the Youth Palace, 12-year-old Zhu Xiaoyun looked handsome and aura, dressed in school uniform and with short black hair. I saw her swing her sword forward and make a standard golden rooster independent. She said that she studied martial arts because "I like the little dragon girl written by Jin Yong, who uses a sword and has temperament." I fell in love with writing martial arts before practicing martial arts. Zhu Xiaojun lamented that there is still a big difference between the two, and it is necessary to make great efforts to practice the results.


    Martial arts coach plays the leading role

    Zhu Xiaoyun wrote martial arts novels for the first time in his memory, in the third grade of Zhongshan Experimental Primary School. The first work is called "Looking for a Teacher". "It’s not long, just for myself. It’s a chapter to write a B5 manuscript paper." Zhu Xiaoyun’s impression of the first novel is already very vague. "The novel tells the legend of an apprentice and master, and has also made several drafts."

    In the impression of his mother Huang Jianqin, the family subscribed to magazines such as Children’s Literature and Story Club all the year round, and Zhu Xiaojun was keen on writing since he was a child. "Fairy tales, fairy tales, and some imaginative ideas have all been written by Xiao Yun." However, Zhu Xiaojun didn’t read much about the original works of famous martial arts masters such as Jin Yong and Gu Long. "I prefer to watch adapted series and online novels."

    Including finished and unfinished novels, Zhu Xiaoyun has written more than 10 novels in the past four years, and "Vertical and Horizontal World" completed in May this year is her longest martial arts novel so far. Zhu Xiaoyun said that on the night of December 23rd last year, when she was still in the sixth grade, she had a dream, "I dreamed that a great Xia saved a little Xia. When I woke up, I thought, wouldn’t it be interesting if Xiao Xia saved the great Xia in turn?" So Zhu Xiaojun began to write "Vertical and Horizontal World" and wrote 170,000 words in half a year.

    "She has great expectations for this book." Wu Haifei was the head teacher of Zhu Xiaoyun’s primary school. "The cover of the novel is ready. I have read it and it is quite novel." Coach Chen Xianhong was one of the earliest readers of Vertical and Horizontal World. Zhu Xiaoyun wrote three martial arts coaches in the Youth Palace: Miao Xinlian, Chen Shiyou and Chen Xianhong into the novel and became the three brothers under the "Qimo Gate" in the book. After carefully reading the novel, Chen Xianhong commented: "The writing skills are really good, but the plot is not innovative enough."

    After the completion of Vertical and Horizontal World, Zhu Xiaoyun thought about publishing it, but he didn’t get it. "I sent the novel to the publishing house, and the editor said that the plot was good, but the writing was still a little unfinished." Zhu Xiaoyun was disappointed that her plan to earn money for publishing a book failed. She thought that she had failed to imitate Jin Yong in writing and planned to rewrite it. Now, this novel is temporarily placed on the website of a publishing company.

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    I don’t like to socialize on the Internet.

    However, Zhu Xiaojun’s martial arts novels have never been shown to his parents. "Dad’s idea is too rigid. After reading it, I’m sure Rory is wordy." Zhu Xiaoyun’s parents didn’t know about his novels at first, but later he gradually discovered them. "Dad didn’t say anything, but mom made three chapters, as long as it didn’t affect her studies." Apart from studying, Zhu Xiaoyun seldom communicates with his father. "I know, in fact, my father really wants to read my novel. Once I saw him searching for the title on the Internet, but I just couldn’t find it. Anyway, I don’t want him to read it."

    "She is a little adult." Huang Jianqin, the mother of an accountant, said that her daughter is far more sophisticated and deep than her peers. She once complained at the parent-teacher meeting that her daughter had no good friends and was too unsociable. Wu Haifei, the class teacher, analyzed, "Xiaoyun is a computer expert. She has been writing in front of the computer for a long time and chatting with netizens. It is estimated that this is the reason for her withdrawn personality."

    Zhu Xiaojun has worked as an administrator in many forums, and her personal homepage "Yubizhai" is the place where her readers gather the most. Netizens have made serious comments on her novels such as The Island of the Gods, The Seven Heroes, The Remnant Dreams, The Great Tang Dynasty, Crazy Poems and Drunken Sword, Wandering Swordsmen, Stardust and Legend of Miracles.

    I want to catch up with my grades and be a teacher.

    Wu Haifei said that Zhu Xiaoyun’s novels are well written, but the composition of the unit test is just so-so. "She is addicted to her own creation and her studies are probably relaxed." In order to write novels, Zhu Xiaoyun can write thousands of words a day at most, and he can write for hours on end with inspiration. "I like to write when there is no one at home, and the quiet environment is inspired."

    For a period of time in the fifth and sixth grades of primary school, Zhu Xiaoyun’s grades were only below the average level in his class. Huang Jianqin was in a hurry. He supervised his daughter to review before writing every day, and had to rest after 10: 30 every night. However, the daughter with high creative enthusiasm is not obedient. On New Year’s Day this year, in order to conceive the plot of "Vertical and Horizontal World", Zhu Xiaoyun said that she had insomnia for several nights. "At that time, it was really a bit fascinating." Until the mid-term exam this year, Zhu Xiaoyun only spent one-third of his time reviewing, and his mind was still on novels. "Fortunately, I was assigned a computer place when I was promoted to middle school, otherwise I don’t think I have a chance to study in No.1 Middle School."

    After finishing "Vertical and Horizontal World", Zhu Xiaoyun, who was promoted to junior high school, also settled down a little. "I used to have fun, but now I have to catch up with my grades. If I don’t read the book well, I will accomplish nothing."

    "We have not set any goals for Xiaoyun’s future." Huang Jianqin let nature take its course for her daughter’s future. Zhu Xiaoyun said that he did not intend to be a writer. "I want to be a teacher, like my martial arts coach, to cultivate my own seeds and bear fruit." However, her creation is still going on. At present, she is writing a new martial arts novel "Lingtian", and plans to write 130,000 words. "I wrote half this summer vacation, and the remaining half will be completed before the end of the winter vacation. This book will continue to be submitted to the publishing house."


    Looking back,

    Hold the sword and sink; Holding a knife is painful;

    Bow your head and get drunk; Hold your head up and be depressed.

    Dream, just thinking about it is enough;

    Think about it, just smile.

    Tears are always sad tears,

    Don’t flow for joy,

    Thinking of the lake of tears in the mountain,

    Drops of tears accompanied by lotus flower,

    Bloody swords set off the turbidity of heaven and earth,

    Treat each other coldly and accompany the silence of the world.

    Life is just a game, and everyone is a pawn in this game.

    Why take it so seriously?

    ? ? Excerpt from the final chapter of Vertical and Horizontal World

    -biographies of people

    Zhu Xiaojun, female, 12 years old, is a junior one student of Zhongshan No.1 Middle School. I began to write novels in the third grade of primary school. In the past four years, I have been "writing for fun" and have been fiddling with 10 novels, except science fiction, mainly martial arts. In May of this year, I finished the 170,000-word martial arts novel "Across the World", and now I’m writing another novel. The most awesome experience is that I serialized the science fiction novel "Mutation" in a magazine.

    -Introduction to the work

    "Vertical and Horizontal World": It tells the legendary story of a little chivalrous man in the dangerous rivers and lakes who saved the heroes. There are 42 characters in the book, and the ending is fierce and tragic. The six protagonists would rather die than surrender and commit suicide. (This article Source: Southern Network Author: Kang Yin)

Editor: Li Erqing