A man sexually harassed a female passenger on a bus in Hangzhou, and the driver was domineering.

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  Zhejiang Online Hangzhou July 9 th (Zhejiang Online Trainee Reporter Liu Sumeng Reporter Angel)Yesterday, the Zhejiang online news hotline received a report that a man on the No.32 bus exposed his lower body and masturbated in public during the morning rush hour yesterday. At present, the man has been detained by the police.

  After receiving the news, the reporter rushed to the Second Automobile Branch of Hangzhou Public Transport Group at the first time and watched the surveillance video on the bus at the time of the incident. The reporter found that a driver contributed a lot to the "rogue" being caught in the French Open.

  The vehicle involved was the No.32 bus from Miduqiao to Jinjiang Bus Station, and the driver was Sun Lulu from Anhui.

  The surveillance video shows that at about 7: 30 am yesterday, Liu, a middle-aged man who committed the crime, got on the bus at Hangzhou Tower Station and sat in the right rear seat in the penultimate row. At about 7: 35, Ms. Wang, a female passenger, got on the bus from Tianshui Bridge Station and sat in the left rear of the last row.

  After seeing Ms. Wang get on the bus, Liu was eager to move. Later, she even took out her genitals on the bus and masturbated in public. During this period, she looked back at Wang two or three times. About three minutes later, Ms. Wang found abnormal eyes and ran to the cab in panic to ask the bus driver Sun Lulu for help.

  Just waiting for the red light at that time, Sun Lulu got up immediately after knowing the situation and went to the rear to check the situation. After confirmation, he comforted Ms. Wang and said, "Nothing, everything is monitored."

  Subsequently, Sun Lulu stopped the bus at Xinhua Road, Fengqi Road, and asked Ms. Wang to call the police. After the alarm, Sun Lulu began to evacuate other passengers from the front door in an orderly manner.

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  During the evacuation, Liu wanted to "fish in troubled waters" and slipped out of the car, only to be discovered. Sun Lulu reached out and stopped him: "You can’t get off!" Then he reached out and pressed the button, closed the front door, opened the back door and let the rest of the passengers get off from the back door. After that, he locked himself and the client in the car and waited until the police arrived to take the client away before he continued to drive.

  The reporter learned from the police that 54-year-old Liu had been sentenced to seven days’ administrative detention by Changqing police station in Xiacheng District for deliberately exposing himself in public. According to Liu’s account, he took bus No.32 to Chaomingsi Lane to buy food. After Ms. Wang got on the bus, he made a naked behavior because she saw the color.

  At 8 o’clock last night, the reporter saw Sun Lulu, the driver who helped Ms. Wang, who had just "run" the last bus. Sun Lulu is very happy to know that his behavior has helped female passengers, but "helping others" has become a habit for him.

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