Aauto Quicker is now pregnant in Harbin for 9 months. Live drinking: Indulge.

On October 30th, a number of underage girls released their pregnancy videos in Aauto Quicker. Recently, because of a video of a pregnant woman drinking live, Aauto Quicker’s reply once again sparked heated public opinion.

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According to the "New Evening News" WeChat WeChat official account reported on November 29th, a video of a pregnant woman who was pregnant for 9 months recently appeared on the platform of Aauto Quicker. Aauto Quicker customer service said that this should also be a mother who cares about her children.

The following is the full text of the New Evening News report:

Recently, a pregnant woman in Harbin got angry in Weibo.

But the "fire" is a bit spicy.

Netizens really can’t stand it …

High energy warning below.

The picture is poisonous

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The pictures in this article are all from "New Evening News" WeChat WeChat official account

In the video, the pregnant woman constantly broadcasts that she can eat and drink, beer, white wine, barbecue and mala Tang … Netizens can’t help shouting:

Too! Can! Eat (make)! Yes!

As of press time, these videos are still on the pregnant woman’s personal homepage.

Who is she?

According to the pregnant woman’s personal homepage: "Harbin, Heilongjiang".

So far she has130,000 fansIf you have the heart to look at her profile, you will find that she claims to be like this:

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This is called more love? ? ?

Many netizens said that it is really unlucky to be her child.

Some netizens said:

This woman doesn’t deserve to be a mother at all.

You may be curious, as a video platform, does Aauto Quicker care? In this regard, Guan Wei, who was certified as "official customer service in Aauto Quicker", replied to netizens like this:

Oh, yes, the baby hasn’t been born yet.

But wait until the baby is born to verify, is it still too late?

A netizen’s question, hit it with one blow.

The answer is, of course:

Let’s take a look at the information of Xiaobian Baidu:

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder is a general term for a series of adverse effects on infants caused by drinking alcohol during pregnancy, and it is also a problem of infant developmental malformation that can be completely prevented at present.

Alcohol will cause irreversible damage to the fetal central nervous system, and will also affect the development of various organs and systems. Because of alcohol exposure in the womb, the IQ of the baby may be lower in the future, and the growth and development may also be restricted, such as short stature, light weight, small head circumference, facial deformity, lack of attention, uncontrollable, unable to adjust their own cognition and behavior patterns and a series of behavioral and cognitive obstacles.

In some cases, we can also see that children have normal IQ, but they can’t play their normal potential. Severe spectrum disorder of fetal alcohol syndrome can lead to fetal death.

According to this pregnant woman’s eating and drinking method,

I can’t imagine …