Online celebrity’s "calado" cake caused many food poisoning companies, saying that Salmonella exceeded the standard.

  On the evening of October 30, Jiangxi calado Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "calado Food") issued an open letter to consumers about the food poisoning caused by online celebrity food "calado", saying that after in-depth investigation by regulatory authorities and experts, it was found that the cause of the incident was the failure of machinery and equipment in the production process, which caused the "Salmonella" related products of "Explosicum Songsong" to exceed the standard, leading to food pollution. At present, calado Food has sealed up the machinery and equipment for the production of "Explosicum Songsong" related products, conducted a comprehensive safety investigation on the process of cold-processed products, and suspended the supply of cold-processed products in Nanchang regional stores.

  According to the news of Nanchang Municipal Market Supervision Bureau on October 27th, at around 13: 00 on the 26th, Nanchang Municipal Market Supervision Bureau received a report from Qingshanhu District Market Supervision Bureau that there was a suspected food poisoning in the First Design Institute of Nanda Design Institute. Relevant departments at all levels in Nanchang immediately organized medical treatment, epidemiological investigation, cause investigation, supervision and inspection and risk investigation. By 14: 00 on the 27th, many hospitals in Nanchang had received 50 suspected cases of food poisoning, and 10 patients were hospitalized for observation, while the rest left home, with no critical cases or deaths. Through epidemiological investigation and on-site supervision and inspection, it is preliminarily inferred that calado’s "Explosicum Songsong" and "Liuxin Pufu" are suspected to be caused.

  At present, the market supervision department in Nanchang has sampled the products involved for inspection, investigated the raw materials, production and processing processes and transportation of food-related products in calado, investigated the hidden risks in calado stores, ordered the Nanda store in calado to stop business, and ordered the calado store to remove the food suspected of causing food poisoning.

Jiangxi calado Food Co., Ltd. issued an open letter to explain the cause of food poisoning. Source: calado Food Official WeChat

Jiangxi calado Food Co., Ltd. issued an open letter to explain the cause of food poisoning. Source: calado Food Official WeChat

  According to public information, salmonellosis refers to different forms of human beings, domestic animals and wild animals caused by various types of salmonella. The feces of people infected with salmonella or carriers pollute food, which can cause food poisoning. According to statistics, among all kinds of bacterial food poisoning in the world, food poisoning caused by salmonella often ranks first.

  The Paper inquired about Tianyancha’s industrial and commercial information and found that Jiangxi calado Food Co., Ltd. was established in January 2015, and its legal representative was Zhang Zemin, who mainly engaged in the production and retail of cakes (baked cakes and fried cakes).

  Calado Food also proposed some rectification measures in the aforementioned open letter, including the closure and renovation of problem stores; Rectify the discipline of the management team; Docking with insurance institutions to implement comprehensive quality and safety liability insurance for the company’s products; Improve and upgrade the software and hardware of raw material procurement, processing, storage, distribution and stores; Re-carry out on-the-job training on food quality and safety within the company; Invite consumers to supervise the production and processing process and sanitary environment with prizes, and set up award-winning complaint telephones. (The Paper reporter Zhao Siwei)