Is this what a sister looks like before the original fighting fish dance? As soon as Su Yanzhao was exposed, fans were scared to take off their powder on the spot.

Original title: Is dancing a sister like this before fighting fish? As soon as Su Yanzhao was exposed, fans were scared to take off their powder on the spot.

Su En, the beauty anchor of Betta Fish, was famous last year. Of course, the name is not so good. As all familiar netizens know, she is a popular anchor in the Betta Fish Dance Area, and together with several other beauty anchors who also give priority to dancing, she is called the Four Dancers. However, just last year, Su En directly broadcast illegal content in the appearance room because of a drunken appearance. This wave of operation also led to the closure of her appearance room, and it was not unsealed until the new year came.

After coming out, Su En kept a low profile, but it was also because she was banned for a period of time, so her popularity was no longer the same, and her status as a "dancing elder sister" was taken away by others. Under such circumstances, Su En is also trying to get the whole job done, trying to restore her former popularity. Recently, for example, she released her own makeup, hoping to suck powder.

Whether a female online celebrity’s face value can withstand beating or not is always an important measure. Obviously, this wave of face value in Su En has directly overturned. It’s hard to imagine that the person in this picture used to be a charming beauty anchor, and the fans in the comment area were shocked. Such a makeup removal photo is just like changing face. Even some netizens spoke "ugly" directly in the comment area.

May also be didn’t expect the power of this wave of plain face is so big, originally to increase powder, the result didn’t expect to drop powder, Su En soon to withdraw the Weibo, but was intercepted by careful netizens.

In online celebrity, there has always been a phenomenon that the face value is overturned. Even if it is as beautiful as a rotten group, it is often said by many netizens that there are almost two people offline and online, not to mention those small anchors who look like snake faces with beauty filters. Doesn’t the gap between Su En’s plain face and her daily appearance explain this point?

Make-up and beauty pictures have always been sharp tools for online celebrity people to survive, and many anchors rely on such a fake face to suck powder and ask fans for gifts. Finally, I hope that those fans who are crazy about rewarding online celebrity will be rational. Rich people don’t care, but for fans with limited economy, rewarding too much is not encouraged.

After all, many online celebrity’s facial features are made through makeup, beauty and even plastic surgery, so it is not worth spending too much money for the favor of online celebrity. I don’t know what you think about Su En Su Yan being spit out and said ugly.

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