On May 28th, the new generation Tiggo 8 was officially launched.

Recently, the activity of "A new generation of Tiggo with 800,000 people in 100 cities for public beta" is in full swing in the whole country. The new generation of Tiggo 8 has shown its elegance in the review of the national media and users, which has won wide acclaim and deepened the market’s expectation for it. As the latest flagship SUV model of Chery Automobile, the time to market of the new generation Tiggo 8 has attracted the attention of the media and users. Recently, it was learned from the official of Chery Automobile that the new generation of Tiggo 8 will be officially launched on May 28th. The car is positioned as a "super-powered 5+2-seat SUV" and offers three powertrains: 1.6TGDI+7DCT, 1.5TCI+6DCT and 1.5TCI+MT for users to choose from. At the same time, the new car will also add two colors of Provence purple and Rhine blue, and provide more personalized customization options.

During the Shanghai Auto Show, the new generation of Tiggo 8 made its successful debut, which not only won unanimous praise from consumers at home and abroad, but also the pre-sale orders were unusually hot, which showed that users loved it. During the pre-sale period, Chery Automobile also provided three VIP privileges for users all over the country: the top 10,000 users who made an order in Chery’s official mall before May 25th and bought a car before June 30th can enjoy the triple gifts such as a personal loan subsidy of up to 5,000 yuan and a replacement subsidy of 4,000 yuan, a luxury boutique suit of 3,888 yuan for free, and an extended warranty of 10 years or 1 million kilometers.

In the upcoming listing activities, the three powertrain versions of the new generation Tiggo 8 are undoubtedly the biggest attraction. In addition to the 1.6TGDI+7DCT dynamic general version unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show, the new generation Tiggo 8 will also launch 1.5TCI+6DCT, 1.5TCI+MT and other dynamic general versions to provide users with more diverse power options. The 1.6TGDI in-cylinder direct injection turbocharged engine of the new generation Tiggo 8 is the latest product of Chery ACTECO series engines, with a maximum power of 145kW and a peak torque of 290 N m. Matching with it is the Getrak 7DCT wet powershift, which has a perfect balance between power and economy, accelerates 100 kilometers in 9 seconds, and the comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 7.4L. At the same time, the power combinations such as 1.5TCI+6DCT and 1.5TCI+MT also have good performance. While taking into account the economic performance of vehicles, 澎湃 Power can easily meet the daily use needs.

As the first China brand to achieve L2-level automatic driving, the new generation Tiggo 8 has dozens of market-leading or unique intelligent driving configurations such as APA automatic parking and LKA lane keeping. The car is equipped with full-speed ACC adaptive cruise system, which can realize full-speed adaptive cruise of 0-150 km/h, making driving easier for users. In addition to the rich intelligent configuration, the interior of the new generation of Tiggo 8 can be described as "completely new". The interior of the new generation of Tiggo 8 has been completely replaced. Based on the forward-looking design concept of wide body, embracing and suspending, a horizontally integrated suspended instrument panel and central control area have been created, with advanced electronic gear shifting and wireless charging of mobile phones, creating an unprecedented sense of technological luxury.

The appearance of the new generation of Tiggo 8 has also undergone many younger adjustments. The front grille adopts a more fashionable lattice chrome-plated new grille, with the addition of multi-cavity reflective LED automatic headlights and high-energy dynamic turn signals to create a more visual impact on the front face. In the rear design, dynamic double exhaust true tail throats and penetrating auspicious palindrome LED blackened taillights are used, which makes the new generation of Tiggo 8 vehicles not only more scientific and technological, but also incorporate strong sports genes.

From the debut to the national public beta, the new generation of Tiggo 8 continues to bring consumers one surprise after another with its bright performance. Keeping up with the market trend and completing four levels of innovation have shown strong competitiveness in appearance, interior decoration, power and configuration, which really makes people look forward to its market performance. On May 28th, let’s look forward to the amazing performance of the new generation of Tiggo 8!