Huawei’s strongest machine emperor is ready to go! P70 Series Key Information Summary

Recently, there have been more and more exposures about Huawei P70 series. It was expected to debut at the end of this month, but the latest news said that it will be officially released in April, but it is getting closer and closer to everyone anyway. Today, I will sort out the exposure news about the P70 series for you and get to know it in advance.

Highly recognizable design

Compared with Mate series with business style, P series has stronger fashion attributes and more aesthetic appearance.

It is reported that Huawei P70 series will have three versions, among which P70 and P70 Pro will adopt triangular camera module design, which has high recognition. Last year’s P60 hit a koala, and this year’s P70 looks very like Mickey Mouse.

Huawei's strongest machine emperor is ready to go! P70 Series Key Information Summary

The P70Art will continue the irregular camera module of the previous generation, and its shape will be different. After all, it is an art version, which is very artistic and has a high degree of recognition.

At present, there is not much news about color matching. Every generation of P series products will bring very unique color matching, such as the unique Rococo White in the previous P60 series, the fantastic rippling clouds on the P50 and the dynamic color matching in the Wei Lan Hao Hai, which have left a deep impression on everyone. I am still very much looking forward to what unique color matching the P70 series will bring.

On the front, Huawei P70 series will adopt the design of equal depth and four micro-bends, which has a good feel and look.Among them, the P70 is 6.58 inches, and the Pro/Art version is 6.8 inches, both of which have 1.5K resolution and support LTPO.

Fully upgraded image configuration

In addition to fashion elements, images are also the "soul" of P series products. Some digital bloggers said that this P70 series will shoulder the heavy responsibility of focusing on image TOP. According to the exposure, the whole system of Huawei P70 will be equipped with a 50-megapixel outsole main camera and a periscope telephoto lens, but the specific models will be different.

P70 and P70 Pro will use 50-megapixel OV50H as the main camera.It has a bottom of 1/1.3 inch, and the unit pixel is 1.2μ M, support pixel four in one,With very good parameters and quality. Many manufacturers’ flagship products use this CMOS, such as Xiaomi 14/14Pro, Glory Magic6/6Pro and iQOO12Pro, and the imaging level is very high.

Huawei's strongest machine emperor is ready to go! P70 Series Key Information Summary

The top P70Art will be equipped with a more powerful Sony IMX989, which has a 1-inch oversized bottom and has become the largest image flagship mobile phone in Huawei’s history. Although the latest Sony LYT900 has not been used, it is a great improvement compared with the IMX888 used in the previous generation. With the variable aperture and our own XMAGE imaging technology, I believe it will not let everyone down in the image.

other aspects/ways

Huawei P70 series will be equipped with Kirin 9000S processor and support satellite communication technology. The visual inspection should be the same as Mate 60 series, and different models will have certain differences in functions. The whole system will also come standard with high-density batteries and wireless charging.

Write it at the end

Huawei’s P-series products have always given consideration to fashion and technology. From the current news, the P70 series has once again brought a very unique shape, and each model has a very high degree of recognition. Although the rendering is not good-looking, Huawei often looks better than the real machine, as was the case with Mate 60 and P60 before.

The image part can be said to be the most noteworthy place. Compared with the P60 series in terms of parameters, it can be said to be a substantial upgrade. In particular, the Art version will finally usher in a 1-inch outsole main camera, and it is not a dream to re-create the image peak with variable aperture and its own XMAGE imaging technology.

In addition, judging from the situation of Mate 60 series at that time, it is estimated that P70 series will also be hard to find a machine in the short term, and friends who want to start can continue to pay attention to it.

Huawei's strongest machine emperor is ready to go! P70 Series Key Information Summary

Article source: Tianji. com