The "3 15" party was named and notified overnight! What are the new traps to guard against?

  Thai fragrant rice blended with essence, close encounter of mahjong in bitter drama, and cosmetic needle that ruined face … The Central Radio and Television General Station exposed many cases that infringed on consumers’ interests on March 15th, 2023. At present, many market supervision bureaus have acted overnight and responded.

  In addition to the case exposed by the "315" party, what other "new pits" of consumption are worthy of attention? What areas will the market supervision department focus on this year?

  Who was named at the "315" party?

  From the case of exposure, the main areas involved include: food safety, medical beauty, product and production quality, webcasting, personal information security and so on.

  The fake fragrant rice that has been blended.

  The party exposed the problem of fake fragrant rice in Hefei Xiangwang Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Technology Co., Ltd., Huainan Chufeng Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. and Yongliang Rice Industry in Shouxian County, Huainan City.

  The Anhui Provincial Market Supervision Bureau issued a briefing that night, saying that market supervision and law enforcement officers in Hefei and Huainan rushed to the scene for investigation. The department has sent special personnel to the two cities for on-site guidance. The circular also said that the Anhui Provincial Market Supervision Bureau held an emergency meeting to study and deploy a comprehensive investigation of rice processing enterprises in the province, rectify various potential risks and severely crack down on illegal activities.

  Disfigured beauty needle

  I wanted to be beautiful, but I became disfigured.

  In 2022, National Medical Products Administration announced that injection materials for plastic surgery and beauty should be managed according to the most stringent Class III medical devices. The daily cosmetics of "makeup size" can only be used externally on the skin surface and cannot be used for injection.

  However, there are still batches of beauty injections in the name of cosmetics that flow to the market continuously, appear openly in various medical beauty and cosmetics exhibitions, are distributed to various beauty institutions, and are finally injected into consumers’ faces. It is understood that this kind of beauty injection sold in the name of cosmetics can make profits as high as 10 times because of its opaque price, and practitioners are eager for it.

  On the evening of 15th, Guangzhou Municipal Market Supervision Administration said that it had been concerned about the exposure of related enterprises and was handling it.

  Close encounter of mahjong in the bitter drama

  There is a "pro-son" in the live broadcast room who specializes in deceiving the elderly to buy "magic medicine". Their stories are artificially fabricated, and many live broadcasts under the banner of mediating contradictions and disputes are aimed at deceiving the elderly to buy products, and the anchor has made huge profits.

  In response to the exposure problem, Hebei Handan Municipal Market Supervision Administration and other departments rushed to the involved site of Lige Supply Chain Cheng ‘an Branch, and conducted law enforcement inspection on the company. Many ordinary foods such as candy and solid drinks were found on the site, and law enforcement officers seized these items, and the live broadcast room involved was closed.

  Refurbished waste insulators

  According to the exposure, the quality of the insulator after simple renovation can not be guaranteed, and it is easy to be directly broken and the wire is pulled off. Some of these insulators with potential safety hazards are sold to some factories, and a considerable part of them flow to power grid projects in various ways.

  After the exposure, the Hebei Provincial Market Supervision Administration dispatched a special working group led by bureau leaders that night, and rushed to the scene to supervise and guide the investigation and disposal in Cangzhou and hejian city. At the same time, organize all parts of the province to carry out comprehensive investigation and rectification of similar product manufacturers overnight.

  Underground loopholes in high-standard farmland

  In the construction site of high-standard farmland in Binhai County, the steel bars of cement pipes are exposed and seriously damaged. However, such shoddy construction can finally pass the sampling inspection at all levels.

  In response to this matter, the Yancheng Municipal Market Supervision Administration responded that the supervisors had gone to the scene to investigate. If illegal acts are found, they will definitely be investigated and dealt with according to law, and will be announced to the public at that time.

  Unsafe scenic seat belts

  The evening party revealed that the three-point seat belts used by tourists in the high-altitude project of Qingwafang ancient village scenic spot had potential safety hazards. Xixiangtang District Wenguang Sports Tourism Bureau, Market Supervision Bureau, Emergency Management Bureau and other relevant departments formed a working group to investigate and dispose of them at the scene. At present, the local market supervision department has issued a notice to suspend business for rectification. The follow-up treatment will be notified to the society in a timely manner.

  Free "book review machine" with hidden scam

  The party revealed that the elderly in Jilin can receive several to a dozen free packages a month, and some elderly people can receive hundreds of free packages a year, with radios in the packages to induce the elderly to buy high-priced drugs. There is actually a drug trafficking interest chain behind this, and it also feeds back the problem that the information of the elderly is leaked.

  The free storytelling scam involves Shenzhen Xiangguifa Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Qi Aimei Electronics Co., Ltd. The Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision Administration reported overnight that it had initiated rapid on-site inspections of the two companies.

  What are the new pits for consumption?

  It is worth noting that many kinds of behaviors that harm consumers exposed at this party all appear in the new consumption field. Including the live broadcast room to swindle the elderly, the platform sells live water army and so on. The new consumption trap deserves everyone’s vigilance.

  Previously, the data released by the State Administration of Market Supervision showed that in 2022, new model problems such as digital collection (NFT) rose, making supervision more difficult, with 59,700 related demands (only 198 in the previous year), mainly focusing on non-delivery, non-refund, malicious bid-up of prices, high handling fees, and arbitrary closure of consumer accounts.

  Under the craze of "blind box", consumer demands reached 41,400 pieces, up 61.72% year-on-year. IP cross-border co-branded products set off a buying frenzy, with 38,100 related demands, up 66.96% year-on-year. Some merchants took the opportunity to raise prices, but the problems of uneven product quality, fake and shoddy products, delayed delivery and lack of after-sales service were outstanding.

  In the past two years, online consumption has continued to escalate, and there are also many problems related to "cloud consumption", including the killing of big data criticized by netizens, real-time changes in trading conditions, and the phenomenon that video membership services are "unreasonable in advance and suspected of repeated charges".

  In addition, with the rapid increase in the penetration rate of new energy vehicles, complaints and reports related to it are also increasing. The focus of consumer demands includes: imperfect after-sales service; Publish false information, induce consumers to sign unfair format clauses, and reduce the responsibility of car companies.

  In the opinion of market analysts, while new consumption meets the diversified needs of consumers, some new situations of infringement and new problems of rights protection are gradually exposed, which not only reflects the new pain points of consumer rights protection, but also brings higher challenges to the supervision and law enforcement in related fields.

  Judging from the work arrangements of the State Administration of Market Supervision and local market supervision departments, the market supervision system will continue to carry out "iron fist" actions in key areas of people’s livelihood this year, including food safety and quality production, which have long been attached importance to. In addition, in view of the problems existing in online advertising consumption, we will further rectify false and illegal advertisements, continue to strengthen advertising supervision in key areas, and effectively eliminate Internet advertising chaos.