The "back wave" in the entertainment industry is coming! These outstanding young actors born in 05 are popular

1905 movie network feature The fantasy drama recently announced a cast, starring Zhang Ruoyun and Hu Jun, and two special names appeared on the list – Rong Zishan and Han Haolin.

One recently became popular as "Zhu Chaoyang"; the other became famous as "Dongdong" in last year’s "Winning the Championship".

"Hou Lang" is coming, and the two young actors born in 2005 are popular. There is a saying in the industry that children, animals and water are the most difficult to shoot. But in these young actors, there seems to be no such problem.

When the post-1995 actors were still surging in the tide, a large number of post-2005 actors had come one after another, and the descendants were formidable and menacing.

      Rongzi Fir

      Born in 2006, 14 years old
      Work: "Hidden Corner"
      "Yan Liang (Shi Pengyuan) asked me what to do if I can’t be a good actor, and I said I can’t be a bad actor." Rong Zishan, 14, played the "bad boy" Zhu Chaoyang in "Hidden Corner". Melancholy and hesitation, panic and fear, firmness and toughness… The emotions conveyed by his eyes are diverse, and he penetrates the hearts of the people with a pair of eyes.

At first, director Xin Shuang had two criteria for casting: natural fit for the role and a certain aesthetic understanding of the performance. Rong Zishan was originally going to audition for Yan Liang, but the first time the director saw him, judging from his height, image and temperament, he was sure that he was Zhu Chaoyang himself.

The most emotional scene of Rong Zishan’s performance was facing the death of his father in the freezer. This explosive scene passed after three shots.

At the age of 14, he has been able to put it back and forth freely, and even the director praised him: "Many actors will pursue the performance state between control and no control, and Zhu Chaoyang can do it unconsciously."

After 5 years of drama, "Little Drama Bone" Rong Zishan has starred in 17 TV series and 6 movies.He was selected by Jia Zhangke at the age of 9 to play Zhang Zhile in "Mountains and Rivers".Jia Zhangke said that Rong Zishan was a child with talent and spirituality, and the sparkling aura and simplicity in his eyes moved him.

Zhang Zhile, like Zhu Chaoyang, didn’t talk much and looked a lot. He returned to his mother Zhao Tao for the funeral of his grandfather. In the unfamiliar environment, his eyes flickered with nervousness and anxiety.

      At the age of 10, he was featured in West Xiaohesummer"In the protagonist, he plays a little boy who is persistent in pursuing his football dream. The father in the play is alsoZhang SongwenLater, Zhang Songwen praised his performance progress during the filming of "Hidden Corner", "In the past few years, I was memorizing my lines, but now I will be distracted in filming."

He is also the younger brother of "The Best of Us", the little star in "The Whirlwind Girl", the little flower Wuhuan in "Beauty in the Cabinet", the white pearl in "The Sweet Wife of Cookery", the little fourth brother in "The Biography of Ruyi", and the little Yan Xun in "The Biography of Chu Qiao"…

Next, he will also appear in the movie, and Guo Fucheng, Duan Yihong, Zhang Zifeng, etc., the eyes revealed in the stills are still delicate and dazzling.

"My state in front of the camera is better than my real life", "How many times can I fight in life, when I don’t fight at this time," Rong Zishan said that he feels more and more advanced, and his requirements for himself are getting higher and higher. In the future, he wants to go to the Beijing Film Academy and become a powerful actor like Huang Bo.

Young adults, Rong Zi Shan future can be expected.

Shi Penyuan

Born in 2005, aged 15

Work: "Hidden Corner" 

"There’s something natural, wild, and untamable about him," Xin Shuang, the director of "Hidden Corner," said of "Yan Liang" Shi Pengyuan.

Yan Liang has the wildness of a "little adult" and the simple appearance of longing for adult protection. Shi Pengyuan entered a martial arts school at the age of 8 to learn martial arts, and his sense of justice is somewhat similar to Yan Liang’s personality and role.

Shi Penyuan’s initial audition process actually did not go well. The director wanted him to laugh, but he did not like to laugh until his fourth audition.

Before "Hidden Corner," he had only acted in two movies: "Lifetime" with Nicholas Tse and Gao Yuanyuan, and "Roll Over! Xiao Ming!" a children’s online drama. "They can do whatever they want," said Mr. Spengyuan, who had no concept of acting at the time.

From being disliked to becoming "Yan Liang Benliang", Wang Jingchun and Qin Hao helped him the most in his performance.

Yan Liang was waiting for Lao Chen’s surgery in the hospital, but he couldn’t cry all the time. Wang Jingchun carefully guided him and let him slowly brew his emotions in the corner alone. After the official shooting, seeing Wang Jingchun sent to the emergency room with serious injuries, he wept, crying from the bottom of his heart.

"You are completely capable of this." After filming, he was praised by Wang Jingchun for the first time.

"Hidden Corner" is the starting point for Shi Pengyuan to really embark on the road of acting. He said that he wants to continue acting in the future, hoping that he can continue to polish his acting skills and meet more excellent characters.

Wang Shengdi

Born in 2010, 10 years old

Work: "Hidden Corner"

In "Hidden Corner", Pupu is both naive and mature. The young actor Wang Shengdi, who plays Pupu, was only 9 years old when he was filmed.

With a pair of big watery eyes, it was difficult to detect when she was calm, when she was angry, and when she would cry. In the face of trusted brothers, she was undefended, and in the face of distrustful adults, she lied, pretended to cry, and was weird.

Quiet as a virgin, moving like a rabbit, she can handle this role with ease.

"Zhu Chaoyang will not have a father!" When Wang Shengdi first auditioned, the director prepared this scene. Unexpectedly, his sister burst into tears while reading her lines.

Wang Shengdi’s first work is the movie "Peppa Pig Chinese New Year". After "Hidden Corner", she will play Lei Jiayin’s daughter in the movie, and the cooperation with Rong Zishan will also continue to the movie "Secret Visitor". Looking forward to her performance.

Han Haolin

Born in 2009, 11 years old

Representative works: "Me and My Motherland" "Celebration of More Than a Year"

"Haolin’s acting is very natural. I think he is a talented actor."Xu Zheng said that he did not treat Han Haolin as a child when filming, but as a mature actor."As long as I ask, he can do it well."

Han Haolin impressed the audience with the role of "Dongdong" in "My Motherland and Me". In the film, he is rushing to see off his favorite little girl Xiaomei while being asked by anxious adults to play with the TV antenna and watch the women’s volleyball Olympic finals.

"Dad, our antenna sucks." "The women’s volleyball team has won three consecutive championships. I’m so happy."

Han Haolin embarked on the path of acting completely by accident. His mother often posted photos on the Internet when he was 4 years old, so he was discovered by talent scouts and invited to shoot advertisements.

Han Haolin has acting talent, and when shooting Disney’s opening commercials, he will make more moves to "add drama" to himself. At the age of 6, he officially debuted in the TV series "The Legend of the Swordsman of Shushan War", and then played the 2019 version"Yitian and Dragon Slayer""Little Zhang Wuji" in "Winning the Championship" is already his 15th role.

His role as "Little Fan Xian" in the TV series "Celebration of More Than Years" was equally outstanding. Although he only made a cameo appearance in one episode, the "little adult" attitude was no less than that of the adult actor. In the play, he climbed on a stool and slapped the housekeeper, and because he tried too hard, he lost a tooth that was about to fall out.

      Smart, small and big, there are more good characters waiting for Han Haolin.

Deng Enxi

Born in 2005, aged 15

Work: "The Nameless"

Oval face, almond eyes, Deng Enxi’s delicate features, with a fresh and refined "sister next door" temperament.

At the age of 11, she made her first big-screen production, "The Devotion of Suspect X." The director Su Youpeng praised her as "promising," but at that time she didn’t know what acting was, and she was even nervous enough to share hands and feet in front of the camera.

      Deng Enxi’s starting point is very high, and the performance opportunities he encounters are much luckier than those of his peers.

      After "The Devotion of Suspect X", she played one after anotherriChen JianbinThe rebellious daughter of Ma Yiyi, the young girl in "Hello, Zhihua", is secretly in the idolZhou XunLearn to perform by your side.

At the age of 12, she made her first film as a leading actress, playing a junior high school student who lives alone in the adult world after her mother is murdered.

A young girl with the imprint of youth and confusion constitutes her main image on the current screen.

Because she thought she couldn’t speak her lines well, she took acting classes to learn to speak her lines; it took her two years to understand the script and characters. Deng Enxi said that acting has become a career she really likes, and she wants to major in acting in the future.

Her new movie has started filming, and she will partner with Hu Xianxu to interpret a pair of deep-seated siblings.

This is her second film as a leading actress, still a young girl, but maybe you will see more of her.

Zhang Xiran

Born in 2013, 7 years old


Chen Chong’s furious rage in the movie "Manslaughter" made people shudder. "What did you see that night! Speak!" Zhang Xiran, who played An An, cried on the spot in the face of Chen Chong’s crazy questioning.

Zhang Xiran was only 6 years old when he filmed "Manslaughter".

Recalling the scene, Zhang Xiran said, "Auntie Chen Chong wanted to yell at me, I wanted to cry, and I thought I couldn’t cry, so I treated Xiao Yang’s father, Tan Zhuo’s mother, and Shanshan’s sister as my real relatives. I was very worried about them, so I cried."

Zhang Xiran’s performance in "Manslaughter" goes beyond simple crying.

When her father, Li Weijie, simulated the interrogation, she exhibited a sense of grievance that she would not cry. The first time she went to the police station for interrogation with her family, she became innocent. When her mother, Ah Yu, buried her body, she looked down from upstairs with a strange look.

An An’s role was small, but it was crucial. Without her, it would be impossible to better highlight the "innocence" of the family.

Zhang Xiran is 7 years old and has unlimited potential. Next, she will meet the audience again in the movie "Detective Chinatown 3".

Sun Xilun

Born in 2005, aged 15


Sun Xilun became famous as Ma Fei, the son of Deng Chao in "Galaxy Tutoring School."

Since he was a child, his mother asked him to learn street dance because of his quiet and introverted personality. He was unexpectedly recommended by his street dance teacher and starred in the first movie "Pancake Man". After his debut, he also starred in film and television works such as "To Our Simple Little Beauty".

When it came to "Galaxy Tutoring School", he stood out from the 10,000-person audition and lived up to the creators’ expectations during filming.

He sprained his ankle while filming the running scene, but he still insisted on finishing it. Director Yu Baimei praised him, "I can’t believe how brave he is, he is still just a child." In the winter in the south, he filmed the water show for a week, from 12 o’clock in the evening to the early morning, soaking in the water without shouting bitterness, not shouting fatigue, and studying homework in between filming. Deng Chao also praised him at the premiere as "amazing".

Sun Xilun once said that he never thought of becoming famous through acting, and he enjoyed it when he had acting. His next new starring film is based on "Charles IX".

There are not a few rising stars in the film and television industry. Among the well-known young actors after 05 are "Xiao Mi Yue" Liu Chutian, Huang Yang Dian Tian, who is well known to the audience for "The Biography of Chu Qiao", and Tao Yixi and Zhou Yangyue, who have emerged from the "Little Play Bone" column.


      The road is long and the line is coming. I hope the young actors can grow up well, study hard, hone their acting skills, and use stronger strength to create better characters and works in the future.