Xiaomi announced that Xiao Ai classmates and Xiao Ai speakers have upgraded the AI large model, and the invitation test has been opened.

Webmaster’s Home (ChinaZ.com) August 15th, news:At the annual press conference yesterday evening, Xiaomi announced that Xiao Ai has achieved a new upgrade and is officially connected to the big model.

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The upgraded Xiao Ai classmateWith a more powerful brain, you can answer questions, inspire, create art, and play roles in natural conversations.

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Xiaomi said that after upgrading to MIUI 14, this closed beta model will be supported in three batches, and the second and third batches of invited beta will be announced later. Users can sign up in the "Xiaomi Community APP -" My "- Open Beta Center" in the lower right corner.

The details are as follows:

Batch (reviewed one after another from August 14th)

Xiaomi MIX Fold3

Xiaomi13 series (including 13/13Pro/13Ultra)

Xiaomi12 series (including 12/12Pro/12Pro Tianji Edition/12S/12S Pro/12S Ultra/12X)

Redmi K60 series (including K60/K60E/K60Pro/K60Ultra)

Redmi K50 series (including K50/K50G/K50Pro/K50Ultra)

The second batch (to be notified later)

Xiaomi MIX Fold2

Xiaomi MIX4

Xiaomi11 series (including 11/11Pro/11Ultra)

Xiaomi Civi series (including Civi/Civi1S/Civi2/Civi3)

Redmi K40 series (including K40/K40S/K40Pro/K40Pro +/K40 game enhanced version)

Redmi Note12 series (including 12T Pro/12Pro/12Pro +/12Pro lite version /12turbo/125G)

Redmi Note11 series (including 115G/11E/11SE/11Pro/11Pro +/11E Pro/11T Pro/11T Pro +/11Pro5G/11Pro + 5G)

The third batch (to be notified later)

Xiaomi10 series (including 10/10S/10Pro/10Ultra)

Redmi K30 series (including K30Ultra/K30S Ultra/K30Pro/K30Pro zoom version)

Redmi Note114G

Redmi Note10 series (including 105G/10Pro)

Redmi Note9 series (including 9Pro/95G/94G)

At the same time, the registration for the closed beta of the small love speaker is in progress. If the speaker device is Xiaomi Sound, you can open the small love speaker APP, switch the device to "Xiaomi Sound", and click the banner picture of "small love big model experience" at the top of the homepage to participate in the closed beta registration of the speaker.

If Xiao Ai’s large model mobile phone internal test registration has passed the review, the speaker internal test will also automatically pass. After upgrading the speaker APP and speaker firmware, you can start the experience of the large model in Xiao Ai speakers.