Ren Xianqi’s family of four was rarely photographed, and the couple talked with their children one-on-one

Ren Xianqi, 53, has always put his family first, and no matter how busy he is at work, he will take time to spend with his family. A reporter recently photographed Ren Xianqi and his wife taking a child to a restaurant to enjoy family fun. During the meal, the couple also communicated with a pair of children one-on-one. The picture looked very warm. The 9-year-old son is very similar to Ren Xianqi, and the 14-year-old daughter is very slim.

The family of four had a great time eating in the restaurant that day, chatting and laughing together from time to time. During the meal, Ren Xianqi also chatted with his son outside the restaurant. The 9-year-old son was very stylish and looked very similar to Ren Xianqi. The father and son chatted very happily outside, and the father and son danced from time to time. Ren Xianqi and his son communicated and talked heart-to-heart like this, and it seemed that they usually talked to their children. As for the wife and her daughter, each of the couple was responsible for one.

The family of four ate for more than an hour before leaving. That day, Ren Xianqi’s 14-year-old daughter looked slim in a white T-shirt and jeans.

A pair of children walked out first, and then Ren Xianqi and his wife walked slowly behind. The wife didn’t wear makeup to go out, but she still looked like a good wife and mother. They just had a heart-to-heart conversation with a pair of children, and now the couple took advantage of this gap to communicate alone.

The wife and son were attracted when they saw a cute puppy. They couldn’t help but pet the puppy’s head with their hands, while Ren Xianqi waited on the side. As for her daughter, she didn’t seem to want to stay, so she walked very fast.

In the end, Ren Xianqi took the family back as a driver and became a good man. Ren Xianqi once revealed that a show producer wanted his two children to participate in variety shows, but he said that many people might like their children’s appearance, but they would also be attacked online. He didn’t want his children to be attacked and pressured prematurely, so he didn’t allow them to participate in the show.