Artificial intelligence promotes educational reform and innovation

  Under the support of artificial intelligence, high-quality digital education resources span mountains and seas, promoting education to be more fair and open.

  Electronic homework is arranged through the cloud platform, and students’ learning behavior in the classroom is analyzed by using data, so as to push the school management process towards digitalization … … Not long ago, the 2022 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Education was held online. Government officials, experts and scholars, front-line teachers and business representatives from dozens of countries around the world gathered in the "cloud" to talk about the development of education in the era of artificial intelligence.


  "Artificial intelligence+education", the application is around. In the music class, the virtual digital person "Mr. Yuan" transcends the time and space restrictions and leads many school students to sing a song together. At the physical education class, students began to test the skipping events, and the intelligent terminal displayed real-time data such as heart rate changes, skipping times, average speed and so on. Technology changes the classroom and has unlimited potential. For example, with the help of virtual reality technology, students can simulate walking in the universe in spacesuits and feel the charm of the vast Milky Way; Through the augmented reality technology to experience the face-changing of Sichuan Opera, the flat textbook knowledge becomes sensible. In reality, more and more schools have set up or prepared to prepare artificial intelligence education and teaching activities.

  "Artificial intelligence+education" changes the educational ecology. All aspects of teaching, practice, examination, evaluation and management are assisted by artificial intelligence to make teachers teach better; The combination of reality and reality in multi-scene teaching and collaborative education can make students learn better; Massive online data and increasingly powerful computing power make school management more accurate. In addition, under the support of artificial intelligence, high-quality digital education resources span mountains and seas, promoting education to be more fair and open. In Medog County, Tibet, thanks to the multimedia equipment in the depths of Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon and the full coverage of "smart classrooms", the primary school enrollment rate of Menba children has reached 100%.

  China’s development of "artificial intelligence+education" has a good foundation and unique advantages. For example, technologies such as speech recognition and visual recognition are world-leading; The national wisdom education platform has gathered a huge amount of data resources, and 291 million students and 18.4437 million full-time teachers have shown rich application needs; The basic conditions of digitalization in the field of education have been upgraded in an all-round way. The Internet access rate of primary and secondary schools (including teaching points) in China has reached 100%, 99.5% of schools have multimedia classrooms, and the number of teachers and students terminals equipped by schools exceeds 28 million. It should also be noted that the application of artificial intelligence technology in the field of education is still in its infancy. The "digital divide" may exclude some students from intelligent education, and there are security risks in data collection, use and analysis, and the formulation of relevant public policies is lagging behind … … Empowering education modernization with artificial intelligence, these are all topics that need to be answered well.

  Focusing on the future, we should work together to create a high-quality, temperature-sensitive artificial intelligence education ecology. How to make man-machine cooperation smarter and how to make man-machine dialogue more friendly is a long-term topic of "artificial intelligence+education". On the one hand, technology should serve to educate people, and at the same time, it must adhere to the main position of teachers’ preaching. On the other hand, people should also understand and make good use of technology, strive to improve the ability of information application, and let artificial intelligence better assist teaching. Education is dynamic and developing. Only by rationally thinking about the relationship between people and technology, grasping the laws of education, making good use of technical means, and rallying the strength of all parties, and further promoting the deep integration and innovative development of artificial intelligence and education can we better empower the modernization of education and cultivate innovative talents that meet the requirements of the development of the times.