How to regulate the proliferation of advertisements and hidden traps in small games?

  "Playing games, three advertisements pop up in one minute. I really don’t know whether I am playing games or watching advertisements." Xiao Liu, a Beijing player, recently complained in an interview with a reporter from the Rule of Law Daily that many small program games and advertisements are flooding, which has seriously affected the game experience.

  There are many similar spits on the Internet. The reporter’s recent investigation and interview found that most of these games flooded with advertisements are online games, many of which can be played without downloading, and these advertisements also contain many bad information such as inducing consumption and vulgarity.

  Why are advertisements in small games so rampant? How to standardize this problem?

  Advertising flooding affects experience.

  Not long ago, Ms. Liu, a Shanghai citizen, downloaded a small game called "XX Artifact" on her tablet computer to relax. She tried it, and she couldn’t stand the fact that there were so many advertisements: "When opening, using props and upgrading, advertisements will pop up over and over again, so many advertisements, don’t call them ‘ Xx artifact ’ , directly called ‘ Advertising artifact ’ Ok. "

  The reporter’s investigation found that on social platforms, many netizens complained that the proliferation of small game advertisements affected the game experience, and netizens called "the number of small game advertisements is outrageous". Whether using props, reviving or getting customs clearance tips, they need to watch advertisements.

  Under the guidance of the player, the reporter tried a small game called "XX Lian Lian" in a small program. As soon as he clicked into the game page, an advertisement popped up immediately. You must manually click "Close" to continue playing the game. The word "Close" is very small and difficult to find. In the process of playing games, the page is full of all kinds of small advertisements, such as advertisements appearing at the top left, top right and bottom of the page at the same time, which will be clicked accidentally.

  At the same time, the reporter found that in the game, changing the theme, "clearing the bomb", rearranging and prompting all need to watch advertisements for dozens of seconds.

  There are many small games with many advertisements in an application. A mobile game called "XX Clean", the game is full of advertisements, and the advertisements at the bottom of the page will keep switching, and the advertisements will pop up every time you pass the customs. If you accidentally click it by mistake, you will jump directly to another platform. At the same time, every time the game skips a level, it needs a key, and you can only get the key by watching the advertisement for dozens of seconds.

  The reporter noticed that most of these small games are embedded in promotional advertisements of a kind of App.

  In addition to small games, there are many advertisements in some game apps. In the comment area of some beta games on a certain platform, the reporter saw that many players reported that there were too many advertisements in the game. "Advertisements are flying everywhere. If you accidentally click, you have to read them before you can quit." Some players said so.

  There are hidden traps behind advertisements.

  There are too many advertisements, and many advertisements also contain "thunder". The reporter’s investigation found that many advertisements jumped out of small games, which contained bad information and induced consumption.

  The reporter opened a small program game, and many advertisements jumped out during the trial play were vulgar. For example, after the reporter clicks on the "Watch Video Lottery" activity, the interface he jumps to directly starts to play a video advertisement. The content is to promote another small game. The characters in the publicity picture are exposed and provocative, and the slogan reads: "You don’t play this, what else makes you feel funny?"

  There are also players who have been cheated by false advertisements. It is reported that in September last year, Ms. Yan from Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province watched advertisements for props while playing a small game. As it hAppens, Ms. Chang, who has financial needs, saw a loan advertisement and downloaded and registered this loan app according to the guidelines. In order to withdraw the balance shown in the loan App, Ms. Chang transferred a total of 90,000 yuan according to the customer service guidelines, and later found that she was cheated.

  There are many similar incidents. For example, the advertisement of "29.9 yuan to recharge the phone bill in 100 yuan" with the wrong goods got a pile of coupons after payment; Suspected of false propaganda, "learning skills to obtain XX certificate in two to three days" only got a few teaching videos after paying the training fee … …

  According to industry insiders, advertising in small programs supports banner advertisements, incentive advertisements, screen advertisements and grid advertisements, among which the promotion page type suitable for grid advertisements only supports small games. Small program banner ads support click bidding, screen ads and grid ads support exposure bidding. Small program traffic owners can combine the characteristics of different small programs, choose custom advertising display scenarios, support a variety of promotion goals and promotion pages, and meet different marketing demands. Small program advertisements start from 50 yuan according to the daily advertising budget, and the fees are different according to different purchase methods.

  A staff member of an advertising company told reporters that game companies and studios generally have "game advertising departments", and some big companies also have "game advertising production departments", which are usually responsible for game advertising. Nowadays, many online advertisements have templates, and the production department can change the content as needed.

  The staff also revealed that at present, there are many small games that only rely on advertising revenue, and the number of advertisements is their main source of income. Game producers often have a great demand for advertisements, and it is not important whether the content has anything to do with the game.

  How do these small games connect with advertisements? Why are there so many bad advertisements?

  Si Binbin, a lawyer of Beijing Tao ‘an Law Firm who specializes in online game industry, told reporters that casual games have the characteristics of small size, simple gameplay and short development cycle, and the business model is mainly based on advertising fees. The R&D vendors of this kind of games are generally small in scale, with more emphasis on R&D in the team structure, and the game operation is very dependent on the application store or channel platform, so the application store or channel platform has a stronger voice.

  "Under normal circumstances, it is difficult for small game operators to choose or select the advertisements they want to cooperate with to display, and they can only choose to access the ‘ provided by the app store or channel platform; Advertising pool ’ , such as each ‘ Advertising pool ’ There are 50 advertisements, which are played randomly. Some game developers want to exclude some categories, and the platform often does not agree. " Si Binbin said that these advertisements are mainly reviewed by app stores or channel platforms, and the advertising fees charged for advertisements with higher risks will be higher.

  The reporter opened the advertising content review rules of a platform and saw that the rules were clear. After the game manufacturer created and submitted the advertisement, it entered the review system for review. In the column of "advertising review", it is clearly stipulated that "bad-oriented" advertisements are not allowed to use ambiguous scenes or descriptions, such as "unspeakable things"; Words that are easy to cause ambiguity, such as "shh, read quietly, read quickly, delete after reading", are not supported … …

  But in fact, the reporter tried a variety of small program games on the platform, and a large number of advertisements jumped out of the game, containing some bad information and inducing consumption.

  Excessive advertising needs to be controlled urgently.

  The reporter’s investigation found that these small games with many advertisements all have a common feature, that is, they have no version number. Si Binbin told reporters that small games without version number can’t make a profit through "props charging" in the game, and advertising charging is its only or main profit model, which leads to more advertisements for small games without version number than games with "props charging".

  Regarding how to regulate the number of small game advertisements, Si Binbin believes that the crackdown on illegal advertisements should be intensified. If the advertisements are legal and compliant, with certain quality and quality, they are friendly to the user experience, and the majority of users will not be so disgusted with advertisements.

  Si Binbin suggested strengthening the supervision of advertisements in small games, for example, similar to the management of advertisements in film and television dramas or long videos, putting forward specific regulatory requirements for the length of advertisements and the number of advertisements displayed, and managing excessive advertisements.

  "App stores, channel platforms and game developers should strengthen industry self-discipline, increase the compliance review of advertising content, and make reasonable arrangements for the content, duration and display methods of advertisements. Maintaining a moderate number of commercial advertisements can also be interspersed with some suitable public service advertisements to assume more social responsibilities. " Si Binbin appealed. (Reporter Han Dandong Intern Wang Yitian)