[Video] Korean suicide actress was confirmed to have slept with the entertainment circle, and the hidden rules were fully exposed.

Jang Ja-Yeon

  Han Xing Zhang Ziyan committed suicide by leaving a suicide note to expose the shady entertainment circle where he was forced to accompany wine, sleep and be beaten, which has recently become the focus of much attention. Since the incident, the suspected party (abuser) has been constantly trying to clarify and deny; In the police investigation, there are three latest developments in this incident: First, the South Korean police found six telephone recordings from Zhang Ziyan’s mobile phone the day before yesterday, which can prove that "there are indeed some contradictions between Zhang Ziyan and the brokerage company" (the police officially released the language); Second, Zhang Ziyan’s family finally declared that Zhang Ziyan was the victim of the interest struggle of the brokerage company, and now they just hope that Zhang Ziyan can get peace after his death; Thirdly, this incident alarmed the South Korean National Assembly. The day before yesterday, Cui Wenshun, a member of the South Korean National Assembly, said that the issue of introducing the "Zhang Ziyan Bill" would be discussed at the next meeting of the South Korean National Assembly.

  As for the overall truth of the incident, it is still under investigation.

  Progress of the case

  Response from all sides

  Zhang Ziyan still has one hand: recording.

  After the suicide note exposed the shady entertainment circle, it turned out that Zhang Ziyan still had a hand. The morning before yesterday, the South Korean police held a press conference, saying that the police had applied to the court to investigate Zhang Ziyan’s mobile phone and e-mail.

  So, the police found Zhang Ziyan’s mobile phone the afternoon before yesterday, and investigated his phone calls and sending and receiving short messages. To the police’s surprise, six pieces of total recall were also found in the mobile phone. The South Korean police have not released the contents of these recordings yet, but according to a police officer handling the case, the contents of these recordings can prove the contradiction between Zhang Ziyan and the brokerage company before his death, and can also prove the contents of accompanying wine and sleeping in Zhang Ziyan’s suicide note.

  According to the policeman, Zhang Ziyan specially recorded these total recall passages, possibly in order to coerce the brokerage company to cancel its contract. At present, the South Korean police have begun to investigate these six recordings. If it is confirmed that the contents in the recordings are consistent with those in the documents left by Zhang Ziyan before, the people mentioned in the recordings will be summoned for further investigation.

  Response from all sides

  Kim, general manager of brokerage company:

  "I’m not guilty, aboveboard."

  Kim, the general manager of the brokerage company to which the late actor Zhang Ziyan belonged before his death, is currently in Japan, and he was interviewed by a Korean reporter the day before yesterday. Kim completely denied the doubts about "forcing sleep and violence". He said: "I have never seen Zhang Ziyan since I left South Korea last November."

  It is reported that Zhang Ziyan signed an exclusive contract with Kim last year. Kim said: "My personal property reaches tens of billions of won, and the annual tax payment alone reaches 200 million to 300 million won. I imprisoned (unknown newcomer) Zhang Ziyan and violently attacked him. I won’t get any benefits." Kim asked: "If that’s the case, how can Zhang Ziyan’s family be silent?"

  On the issue of "accompanying wine", Kim retorted: "As long as you work in Korea, can you not eat and drink together? Actually, this ordinary thing is called’ forced to accompany the wine’. "

  Kim also said as always: "It was Liu who planned this incident to stop the lawsuit."

  According to the police’s announcement, Zhang Ziyan’s mobile phone implied that there was a "contradiction" between Zhang Ziyan and the staff of his brokerage company. Kim said: "This is just a trivial quarrel that often happens." He also said: "I am not guilty and aboveboard. I am ready, as long as the police want me to go back for investigation, I will return to China at any time. " According to the police, in order to investigate Kim, the police have tried to contact Kim in Japan many times, but Kim’s mobile phone has been turned off.