[See you at 8: 00] The organizer of Harbin Comic Exhibition responded to the indecent photo incident.

  CCTV News:At 8 o’clock every day, CCTV will sort out the big and small things that happened around us within 24 hours.

  Securities and Futures Commission: NYSE initiated delisting procedures for three companies in China, which seriously undermined normal market rules and order.

  The process is accelerating! 18 domestic enterprises have carried out vaccine production capacity construction in COVID-19.

  Dalian’s current epidemic situation is super-spread: one case infected 11 people through family gatherings, and then infected 33 people through corridors.

  Many places in the country have investigated the auto parts involved in the epidemic, and five places have tested positive.

  Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province, newly confirmed a local confirmed case and added a medium-risk area.

  Tianwen-1’s flight mileage has exceeded 400 million kilometers, and this year it will land on Mars in a ring fire orbit.

  WHO: The global report shows that there are more than 83.32 million confirmed cases in COVID-19.

  China vaccine has been distributed all over Indonesia, Ministry of Health of Indonesia: The effect is quite good.

  The number of confirmed cases in France exceeded 2.65 million, and the government promised to speed up the vaccination in COVID-19.

  South Korea’s population experienced negative growth for the first time, and the aging phenomenon continued to increase.

  Kento Momota, a famous Japanese badminton player, was infected with COVID-19, and the Japanese Badminton Association collectively withdrew.

  More than 20 on-site medical staff crowded into a truck? Official response: Severe criticism of the community secretary involved.

  A netizen in Harbin rumored that "Shenyang closed the city"? Shenyang network police: It has been transferred to the public security organs for handling.

  Xutuan Coal Mine Accident Investigation Report: Two rescue workers died of heatstroke underground.

  The parties involved responded to the indecent behavior of Harbin Comic Exhibition: immediately dissuaded them and did not cooperate with the parties.

  A woman in Zhejiang sold a house that was not her own at a price reduction of 500,000, and was arrested on suspicion of fraud.

  The ex-factory price of paper towels rose three times in January, so we should hurry to save paper in the New Year? Paper enterprises: The price of raw materials has risen, but the actual supply and demand have not changed much.

  The 11-month-old daughter of the drug dealer was not adopted, and the police accompanied the trial with a baby girl.

  Fear of history is the premise of making good products, and not everything can be bought and sold.

  — — Beijing Daily commented on "Mei Tuan Jiu ‘ Label door ’ Apologize "

  The tomb of the Sui Dynasty white marble sarcophagus was discovered in Henan.

  The new year is bullish! Korean people fly "cow" kites.

  Wu Dajing won the national short track speed skating championship in 1500 meters.

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