Trial operation of pure electric new energy taxis; inventory of taxis in Chongqing in past dynasties.

  The taxi has a new version! New energy, automatic transmission, wider carriages and SUV models.

  Yesterday, 200 pure electric new energy vehicles were put into the cruise taxi industry in the main city of Chongqing, and the pilot demonstration operation began. It is reported that this pilot demonstration operation adopts the method of adding 200 cruise taxi management rights indicators, and the vehicles are uniformly equipped with new energy vehicles, and the freight rate standard remains consistent with other cruise taxis. However, new energy vehicles have more space, and also have voice navigation, song ordering and wifi access.

  Yesterday, at Nanping Convention and Exhibition Center, 200 pure electric new energy taxis slowly drove out of the launching ceremony. With these new energy taxis carrying passengers on the road, the first batch of new energy taxis in Chongqing began pilot demonstration operation.

  What’s the difference between new energy taxis and traditional taxis? What are the improvements? Today, the reporter conducted a 360-degree inquiry.


  The car body is getting bigger and taller.

  There are two types of pilot demonstration vehicles, namely Yidong EV460 new energy vehicle (100 vehicles) produced by Changan Group New Energy Company and Dongfeng Scenery E3 new energy vehicle (100 vehicles) produced by Jin Kang New Energy Company of Xiaokang Group.

  The reporter saw that these two cars are all yellow, equipped with overhead lights, and the body has a supervisory phone number, company name, etc. The logo is no different from the traditional taxi. Compared with taxis currently in operation, their biggest improvements are "bigger" and "taller".

  According to the staff, Changan Yidong EV460 car is an automatic transmission with a wheelbase of 2700mm, which is longer than the wheelbase of the taxi currently in operation, which means "getting bigger"; Jin Kang Dongfeng Scenery E3 is an automatic urban SUV with a higher body, which means "growing taller".

  The reporter tried to take a seat, and the space was larger than that of a traditional taxi, and it felt more spacious. Fortunately, the trunk of the new energy taxi is not equipped with a gas tank, so the carriage is wider and it is more convenient to place luggage.


  Low noise, convenient operation, wifi.

  In addition to feeling more spacious, the reporter noticed that because it is pure electric, the vibration and noise of the vehicle are extremely small and the ride is more comfortable.

  "These days, I have to laugh when I fall asleep." Master Yang, the driver of Chongqing Yinjian Taxi Automobile Co., Ltd., said that as a driver, the sound of the engine will stimulate his eardrum every day, which is used to it, but it will still be regarded as a kind of noise after a long time. However, the new energy taxi "has almost no sound", which makes him particularly surprised.

  Not only that, the new energy taxi is automatic. "Especially in traffic jams, you don’t have to step on the clutch to step on your feet." In short, the vehicle is easy to operate, which makes the driver feel relaxed. Master Yang said that this new energy taxi is "really overbearing" to operate.

  The reporter also learned that 100 Jin Kang Dongfeng Scenery E3 new energy vehicles, which were put into operation for the first time, were also equipped with wifi access function, which is also a good welfare for passengers.


  Charging 52 degrees can drive 405 kilometers.

  When it comes to new energy taxis, there is a problem that everyone is concerned about: charging and cruising range.

  According to official data, the daily mileage of taxis in Chongqing is about 500 kilometers. In response to this feature, new energy taxis are also equipped with corresponding power.

  According to the person in charge, the new energy taxi can charge 52 degrees at a time and travel 405 kilometers. "The time it takes to charge to 52 degrees is about 40 minutes." Next, technicians will continue to explore the adaptability of new energy vehicles, improve endurance and reduce the number of times drivers charge.

  In terms of charging piles, charging equipment covering the whole city has been equipped. According to the person in charge of the rental office of the Municipal Transportation Management Bureau, three major charging equipment operators have joined in to provide better charging services for new energy taxis.


  Voice navigation, song ordering and air conditioning.

  "Xiao Feng, Xiao Feng, I’m going to XX." "Ok, there are three routes to XXX, which one do you choose?"

  "Xiao Feng, Xiao Feng, play a song by Jacky Cheung." "A total of 30 results were found, which one do you choose?" "The second one." "Now play the song … …”

  "Small wind, small wind, turn on the air conditioner." "The air conditioner has been turned on for you." "The air conditioner is turned on to 26 degrees Celsius." "Ok, it has been set."

  At the scene, the reporter and the taxi driver experienced an intelligent system of Jin Kang Dongfeng Scenery E3 new energy taxi, which can set navigation, order songs and adjust the air conditioning temperature through voice. According to technicians, these smart devices are free traffic for life, and currently use 4G networks.

  These intelligent functions can not only bring passengers a better experience, but also play a role in supervising and improving services. "For example, as long as the voice is set to navigate, passengers can clearly see the route and avoid being bypassed by individual drivers."

  News inventory

  In those years, the taxi we took.

  The reporter combed the public reports and found that Chongqing taxis have experienced more than ten brands, including: Shanghai brand, Fiat, Nissan, Polonaise, Rada, Mazda, Toyota, Volga, Santana, Xiaoqingqi, Xiali, Alto, Fukang, Jetta and Santana … …

  Shanghai brand: looks like an "old car"

  In 1977, the Sichuan Provincial Government approved the establishment of Chongqing Taxi Company, which was the first professional taxi company in Chongqing.

  According to Chongqing Traffic Records, on October 1, 1978, 20 Shanghai brand cars and 5 station wagons allocated by the State Planning Commission and the Ministry of Finance were officially put into operation. The public pictures that can be inquired show that the first generation of Shanghai brand cars are still "classic cars" with two headlights protruding outward. The witness recalled that the taxi was "taller than the cars of some units at that time".

  Different from the fact that taxis are turning around the city now, because of the small number, these 20 taxis can only stay in Niujiaotuo, Yuzhong District at ordinary times, and realize business orders and delivery through unified calling and dispatching telephones. Drivers go to work at 8 am and get off work at 5 pm, just like office workers.

  Fiat: A flash in the pan without air conditioning.

  In 1980, with the development of market economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, the original Shanghai taxi could not meet the travel needs of citizens, and Fiat 126P entered the Chongqing market.

  This kind of taxi is a hatchback model, which looks very small and lovely with softer lines. Fiat 126P’s short board has no air conditioning, which makes it a flash in the pan and retreat from the market.

  Along with Fiat, there is also a "Duke of Nissan". In 1992, with the appearance of Duke Nissan car, Zhongbei Company, a subsidiary of the city rental company, set up Nissan motorcade. However, this kind of car soon disappeared in Chongqing taxi market because it didn’t have air conditioning.

  Alto: Creating the First Group of Professional Brothers

  Alto car is produced by Changan Suzuki, and its body is red, which was once welcomed by Chongqing people. On March 25th, 1995, the first Alto rolled off the assembly line in Chongqing. At that time, on the narrow road in Chongqing, Alto only had a body of more than 3 meters enough to move.

  Alto landed in Chongqing market as a taxi, which has been popular in Chongqing for more than 10 years, creating the earliest professional taxi drivers in Chongqing and bringing great convenience to citizens. However, with the progress of the times, Alto gradually withdrew from the historical stage after 2001.

  Today, many older Chongqing people are still used to calling a taxi "taking a taxi".

  Antelope: occupying the market in one year

  Since 2000, the new taxi antelope has gradually replaced Alto and entered the taxi market in Chongqing. By 2001, in one year, the antelope basically occupied all the markets. The era of red Alto cars is gone forever, and the yellow antelope has become the representative color of Chongqing taxis.

  Some people jokingly call the antelope taxi a "sheep car", which is more spacious and comfortable than Alto.

  Tianyu: "Fat Antelope"

  In 2008, Changan Suzuki launched the "Tianyu sx4" series of taxis. The citizens prefer this type of taxi because of its comfortable sitting and good appearance. Its handling is also favored by taxi drivers, and it has also created a taxi miracle that has exceeded one million kilometers without overhaul.

  Chongqing taxis have officially entered the second generation. Tianyu was once called "Fat Antelope" because its appearance is more atmospheric than that of antelope. By 2010, Tianyu had completed the comprehensive coverage of the main city.

  On December 26, 2016, Chongqing taxis entered the 4.0 era, and Changan launched a new generation of Kaiyue taxis, which also launched a dual-fuel version.

  Solicitation order

  The Municipal Transportation Management Bureau reminded the general public that this new energy taxi is a pilot demonstration operation, and some new situations may occur in the operation, hoping to get timely feedback from the public. Relevant departments will make timely adjustments according to operational monitoring and public feedback, constantly adapt to operational needs and provide satisfactory services to the general public.

  Telephone number for accepting public opinions and suggestions: 96096.

  Chongqing morning post upstream journalist Zhang Xu