Hot search on "Ode to Joy 3" premiere "Embarrassment": ratings are bleak and word of mouth is overturned.

On August 11th, the third part of Ode to Joy was launched, and the audience rating of the first broadcast was only 0.26%.Harvest almost one-sided bad reviews.

Early this morning, the entry of # Ode to Joy 3 Embarrassment # directly rushed to the second place on the hot search main list.

As a once explosive drama series, "Ode to Joy" was unprecedentedly popular when it was broadcast, which brought "Ode to Joy with Five Beauty".

At noon, the sun was hot while the iron was hot. Taking advantage of the super-high popularity set by the first film, the sequel Ode to Joy 2 was quickly released. Although it was created by the original actors, its reputation and popularity were not as good as before.

This time, after a lapse of five years, Ode to Joy 3 was released again.Not only did all the stars change blood, but the people and the plot had nothing to do with the first two films..

Many viewers don’t understand why it is called Ode to Joy since it has nothing to do with the first two films. This film has lost the soul of Ode to Joy.

The original creation and the story exchange have greatly reduced the audience’s expectations. After the series was broadcast, the audience found that the plot design and actors’ acting skills failed to meet expectations, and Tucao’s Ode to Joy 3 was made into a small era, which directly touched the bottom.

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The plot is suspended, and Anai can’t be a screenwriter?

Continuing the core of the previous work, "Ode to Joy 3" tells the story of five girls with different personalities and characteristics who have moved to the same floor in the Ode to Joy Community to face the difficulties in life hand in hand and gain their own growth and transformation. It is still a female group drama.

This noon sunshine directly invited Anai, the original author of Ode to Joy, as a screenwriter, but both the design and the plot were spit out by netizens.

The five beautiful characters and settings are changed to → Ye Zhenzhen (Jiang Shuying) who is engaged in life science research, Fang Zhiheng (Yang Caiyu), the company’s personnel, Zhu Zhe (Karlina), the hotel manager, He Minhong (Zhang Huiwen), a small writer who has just worked for a few years, and Yu Chuhui (Haofei Li), a funny girl.

In the eyes of the audience, this is a repetition of Andy, Fan Shengmei and Qiu Yingying’s design. What’s the point?

The plot is also full of suspension, and in order to promote the plot, a hard and concave plot will be laid in front, which is commented by netizens as embarrassing to the toes.

In order to let Wumei know each other, the screenwriter arranged a "door-to-door" play.

Ye Zhenzhen, an associate researcher in biochemistry, played by Jiang Shuying, passed by the door of a neighbor who was cleaning, and heard three girls discussing whether 84 and alcohol could be used together, so she took the initiative to popularize science.

This paragraph is tired of listening to netizens.

After listening to the popular science, the neighbor thanked her, and she replied, "Doing a good deed every day happens to belong to my professional field." This led neighbors to ask her what she did, thus completing the self-introduction of the role. …

Netizen’s feedback → How did you meet such an embarrassing acquaintance? Did someone really talk like this in reality? It is far from the gunpowder acquaintance in the first season, and it is written all over the screen-awkward.

Fang Zhiheng, played by Yang Caiyu, has already shown his skill to the candid camera man. In the same episode, there will be a challenge, which seems to lead to the ugly men and women falling down and "kissing".

In addition, the two episodes taught love rat twice, both of which were about sexual harassment and creating a satyr, and they were too bloody.

Netizens’ dissatisfaction with this drama also extends to the screenwriter.

Netizens think that it’s also Anai’s novels, but the first two parts of Ode to Joy, as well as 1 and 2 of Rivers, are all adapted scripts by other screenwriters, and they are all very good-looking. However, The Meeting Season and Ode to Joy 3, written by Anai himself, are very poor, so Anai is not suitable to be a screenwriter.

The actor’s acting skills collapsed completely.

After the show started,Actors’ acting skills have also been questioned.Netizens directly commented that no one has acting skills.

Among them, the point that Jiang Shuying was vomited by the audience was that he was too arrogant. Netizens think that the tone and expression of her lines say "I am very embarrassed".

It gives people the impression that she is still Wang Manni in Nothing But Thirty, and she will always look like an urban beauty, as boring as plain boiled water.

Zhang Huiwen’s acting skills are embarrassing, her eyes are dull, and her lines are dull, which is not as good as the performance in her previous works. It is hard to believe that she once made her debut as a "girl".

Haofei Li was criticized for acting too deliberately.

Yang Caiyu and Karlina were accused of acting backward, and Wang Anyu was accused of being like Yang Yang.

Popular ip, produced at noon, written by Anai, directed by Jian Chuanhe, the first two directors of "Everything is Fine" and "Ode to Joy". "Ode to Joy 3" has made a lot of explosions, but it has become a sequel to the dog’s tail.

This year, although there was an explosive drama "The Beginning" at noon at the beginning of the year, the subsequent "Meet the Season" and "Welcome" received average reputation and popularity, among which "Meet the Season" was also a "joint venture" by Jian Chuanhe and Anai, and now "Ode to Joy 3" seems to be challenging the audience’s new bottom line.

Cherish feathers is not only applicable to actors.

It is not easy to build the trust of the audience, but it is easy to destroy it.

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