"x band" recruitment! Xidu Street invites you who love music to make a group debut →

★ Band recruitment ☆.



Let’s debut together in 2024!

Here are

Pursuing the dream of art

A stage to show yourself.

Like-minded partners

Long applause.

over here

Someone understands your enthusiasm.

Your talent will shine.

You’ll meet your peers along the way.

You will find a different self.

Talented, what are you waiting for?

Join us from "Yi"

Different achievements are wonderful.

Join now and let the music light your heart.

Get dry, get dry!


Recruitment notice

In order to enrich the cultural life of residents in the jurisdiction, the New Age Civilization Practice Station of Wenyi Neighborhood Committee of Xidu Street is now selecting and setting up a vibrant and free-spirited orchestra for residents. The orchestra will aim at popularizing and developing elegant music, and help musicians and common music lovers to immerse themselves in the ocean of music together!

Recruiting target

People of all ages who have a certain level of performance (it can be young people with musical dreams, retired musical instrument lovers, etc.)

Recruitment content

One drum set, one electronic organ, one electric guitar, one electric bass, one saxophone, one trumpet and four singers (two men and two women).

Rehearsal address and requirements

1. Rehearsal Location: Activity Room of Wen Yi Neighborhood Committee.

2. Bring your own musical instruments

3. The rehearsal time is tentatively set as once a week.

Registration process

Please call Wen Yi neighborhood Committee to register: 67155356.


1. This activity is free of charge and salary.

2. The applicants will be selected on the basis of merit in the later stage.


Submitted: lin li (Xidu Street)

Original title: "X Band" Recruitment! Xidu Street invites you who love music to "Yi" and form a group to debut →

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