Changan V802 hydrogen concept car unveiled at Beijing Auto Show (Figure)

    China’s first hydrogen-powered concept sports car "Hydrogen Range" independently developed by Chang ‘an was unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show. With its advanced concept, leading technology and excellent design, "Hydrogen Range" became the most dazzling concept car shining at this auto show. According to industry insiders, the concept sports car of "hydrogen journey" hydrogen power in Chang ‘an shows the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection of hydrogen energy vehicles, taking into account abundant power and driving comfort, and has demonstration significance for the practical application of hydrogen energy in the future; At the same time, it also provides infinite reverie for people to use energy diversification and continue to enjoy automobile civilization and life. Xu Liuping, Chairman and President of Changan Automobile Group, said: "The hydrogen-powered concept car is powered by the first successfully ignited hydrogen internal combustion engine in China, which provides an example for the diversification of traditional automobile energy, and also shows a more feasible solution for human beings to pursue clean fuel and realize the ideal of environmental protection."

    This concept sports car, which combines the cutting-edge design concept of Changan Automobile, with its smooth appearance lines and comfortable interior, embodies the beautiful integration of man and nature in the extraordinary design with great future artistic style.

    According to Changan Group, the overall design of Changan Hydrogen-powered concept sports car "Hydrogen Journey" is inspired by natural forms such as water flow, which embodies a modern design concept of the integration of man and nature. Its shape design comes from the state of rapid flow of water, and it is divided by the tense shape and sculptural lines, which combines rigidity and flexibility, reflecting the perfect combination of oriental traditional charm and modern technology. The interior design of "Hydrogen Journey" comes from the natural form of water flowing quietly through the rocks. The combination of motion and static reflects the artistic conception of "moonlight in its groves of pine, stones of crystal in its brooks" in the illusion of light and shadow, creating a comfortable driving space.

    The panoramic window design brings a unique visual effect to the "hydrogen journey", which completely integrates man and nature, makes drivers and passengers fully close to nature, and achieves the perfect combination of exercise and comfort. At the same time, this design reduces the drag coefficient of the car body to 0.26, and greatly improves the fuel economy of the whole car.