Play three cards of literary travel well, and "Xuzhou, online celebrity" will grow red.

    Original title: In the first quarter, the number of tourists received and the total tourism revenue increased by more than 60% year-on-year-play three cards of cultural tourism, and "Xuzhou, online celebrity" will grow red.

    Whether it’s traditional delicacies such as barbecue and pot chicken, or special scenic spots such as Yunlong landscape and Han culture, Xuzhou with "traffic code" has become a "online celebrity city" on major network platforms, attracting a large number of netizens’ attention and driving the local cultural tourism economy to continue to flourish.

    On April 1st, the data of cultural tourism released by Xuzhou showed the latest achievements of this industrial city in the field of cultural tourism. According to the calculation of the smart travel platform, the number of tourists in Xuzhou in the first quarter of this year was about 21.6046 million, and the total tourism revenue was about 23.765 billion yuan, both of which increased by more than 64% year-on-year. The passenger flow of 20 key scenic spots in the city was about 12,002,600, a year-on-year increase of 58.6%; The consumption of tourists in key scenic spots in the city was 4.982 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 53.65%.

    Stimulate consumption and play the "activity card" from time to time.

    "I can’t squeeze, I can’t squeeze at all, and there are people everywhere." The jokes of Xuzhou people reflect the popularity of the Yunlong Mountain Temple Fair held in late March. At the foot of Yunlong Mountain and in front of the museum, the newly built leisure square last year is of great use. The 200 booths incorporate elements such as food, cultural creation and non-legacy, plus Hanfu parade and opera performance, which makes the Yunlong Mountain Temple Fair with a history of more than 300 years reveal a strong cultural flavor. The official in charge of Xuzhou yunlong lake Scenic Area Management Committee said that the three-day temple fair attracted more than 200,000 visitors.

    Playing the "activity card" from time to time has made Xuzhou Wenlv more attractive. During the Spring Festival, Xuzhou planned a series of activities with the theme of "Year of China", launched the "Six Scenes for the New Year" initiative, and carried out more than 360 cultural tourism activities, which directly led to a sharp increase in consumption of catering, accommodation, entertainment and leisure. Combined with the seasonal characteristics, Xuzhou held more than 40 spring cultural tours in 2024 "Spring Mountain Agreement, Wandering in Pengcheng", and launched a number of measures to promote consumption and benefit people’s livelihood. 41 series of rural tourism activities were carried out in 27 key rural tourism villages in the city, further stimulating the consumption potential of cultural tourism.

    Jiudingshan Wildlife Park is a key project in Xuzhou. Zheng Jun, deputy general manager, listed a set of data, which can well explain the economic pull of cultural tourism: 90% of the zoo’s 600 employees are locals, which promoted local employment; It consumes nearly 10 million yuan of feed every year, which drives the local feed industry chain; Last year, there were more than 1.1 million tourists, which obviously promoted the consumption of accommodation and catering.

    At present, Xuzhou bears the heavy responsibility of creating an international consumption center city. Relying on the "chariots and horses" of the fiery literary brigade, Xuzhou has made a step-by-step coup on this "big chessboard" that stimulates consumption, promotes economy and benefits people’s livelihood. According to the comprehensive analysis of big data of Meituan and Ctrip, the consumption index of Xuzhou’s cultural tourism in March this year was 20.8, with a year-on-year growth rate of 50.1%, ranking first in the province.

    Enlarge the advantages and display the "project card" according to local conditions

    The central business district of Xuzhou is a place where merchants gather and where cultures gather. Xuzhou creates the city context of "Pengcheng Qili", connecting many historical and cultural landmarks such as Hubushan and Huilongwo in series. Today, the Confucian Temple block has been put into trial operation, initially showing the style of "the first building in Jiangbei". This year, the "Pengcheng Qili" urban renewal project plans to start 37 projects, including the protection and renovation of old salt shops, the construction of Xuzhou Food Culture Museum, and the environmental improvement of Huanglou Park, so that tourists can better perceive Xuzhou and make the city better integrate into history.

    Not only is the overall project amazing, but the "point" projects are equally wonderful. From Fangte Paradise to Xuzhou Garden Expo Park, the newly-built and newly-launched projects in the past two years have become the "new hot spots" of Xuzhou Cultural Tourism. In the construction of the project, Xuzhou insists on cultural guidance, such as the large-scale live performance of "Pengcheng Fenghua" launched by Yunlong Lake, which promotes and inherits Su Shi’s culture, reproduces the thousand-year love between Su Shi and Pengcheng, and becomes a new business card for Xuzhou night tour.

    Even Xuzhou Paradise, which has been open for more than ten years, is constantly innovating. "We take’ Spring Love You Festival’ as the theme and’ flowers’ as the main element throughout the spring, highlighting all loves and launching various trendy marketing, integrating game characters into spring activities and enhancing interaction with tourists." The person in charge of Xuzhou Paradise said that in the first quarter, they received 633,200 tourists with a comprehensive income of 76.926 million yuan.

    It is no accident that Xuzhou’s cultural tourism "goes out of the circle". Apart from doing a good job in the construction of cultural tourism projects, this is also the result of Xuzhou’s continuous efforts in industrial transformation, ecological transformation and urban transformation over the years. Farewell to industries with high energy consumption and high pollution, do a good job in ecological restoration and governance, and increase infrastructure construction. Xuzhou City has become beautiful, there are more projects to play, and life in Xuzhou is more convenient, which directly enhances the experience and happiness of tourists.

    Optimize the service, and strengthen the "fusion card" according to the needs.

    The travel craze can’t "come quickly and go quickly". The key to growing red is to let tourists have fun and be more comfortable, have fun and be more meaningful, and be able to "come back when they come". This requires strengthening the "fusion card" according to the needs, building a new development pattern of Xuzhou cultural tourism, and making the achievements of tourism development shared by the broad masses of the people.

    "We have set up nine categories of popular science courses on marine knowledge, and gained a large market share with research services." Luo Qiang, deputy general manager of Ocean Polar World in Oulebao, Xuzhou, told the reporter that the study tour has been extremely popular since mid-March. On the weekend holidays on March 30th and 31st alone, they received more than 250 local and national tourist buses, most of which were children who came to study. At the end of April, their new theme hotel will open, which can provide 400 rooms to "stay" tourists.

    Provide all-round services and be a good host. Xuzhou bus opened a customized line of "Pengcheng Qili"; 3,532 parking spaces are open to the public free of charge in government parking lots; The subway extends its operating hours on important holidays … All units and departments also take action to jointly create a "chess game" for the high-quality development of Xuzhou Cultural Tourism. At present, Xuzhou fully promotes the "Cultural Travel+"project, and actively advocates "+Cultural Travel" in all walks of life to comprehensively promote the in-depth integration and development of cultural travel. At the same time, Xuzhou adheres to the empowerment of science and technology, and publishes the "Quick Xuzhou" applet. Citizens and tourists can locate popular scenic spots and hotels, special foods and public service points around Wenbo venues, and better plan their trips according to recommended tourist routes, so as to realize a mobile phone "tour Xuzhou".

    This year’s government work report in Xuzhou put forward: "Create a national demonstration zone for the integration and development of cultural tourism industry and continue to launch the brand of’ Kuaizai Xuzhou’". Now in the second quarter, Xuzhou Wenlv is still "YOLO". According to the Insight into Tomb-Sweeping Day Tourism Forecast in 2024 published by Ctrip. com, Xuzhou is among the top ten national dark horse tourist destinations in Tomb-Sweeping Day. According to the data of Meituan, during the holidays in Tomb-Sweeping Day, the booking volume of air tickets and train tickets to Xuzhou fluctuated by 825% compared with 2023, and the booking volume of accommodation changed by 6241.8% compared with 2023. (Su Mu, yan wang)