The cleverest character in "Ideal City" seems to be quiet, but in fact it is fatal.

Since the launch of the urban workplace drama "Ideal City", it has attracted a lot of attention. In addition to the CP line in Sun Li and Mark Chao, the addition of powerful actors in the drama has also added a lot of color to this drama. The low-level struggle is in the surface, and the high-level "battle" is in the heart. At first glance, the smartest people in "The Ideal City" are nothing more than Xia Ming and the chairman Zhao Xiankun, but in fact there are other people. Xu Zhiping, the chief economist of Yinghai Group, seems to be quiet, but in fact he is deadly, which is the real "cruel person" in this drama.

Judging from the current broadcast story, the two recognized smart people in Ideal City are Xia Ming played by Mark Chao and Zhao Xiankun, chairman of Yinghai Group.

Xia Ming’s cleverness is a bit sly, just as he met Su Xiaogang, played by Sun Li. In Su Xiao’s eyes in honest and frank, the cost table is the cost table, but in his eyes, the cost table is the relationship table. Making good use of the relationship and being able to skillfully calculate the advantages and disadvantages are the fundamental reasons for Xia Ming’s emergence.

What made Xia Ming famous in World War I in the play was that my uncle’s branch Tianke had an accident on the day when the ribbon was cut on the completion due to engineering quality problems. When the group and the competent authorities wanted to hold accountable, Xia Ming skillfully pulled the general contracting company of the group into the water, which intensified the contradiction between the general contracting company and the branch company and made the board of directors of the group have to keep things quiet. In the end, Su Xiaolai, the "top contractor" of the urban construction company, was dismissed, making it easy to roll with the punches.

The most direct thing he wants to convince is Zhao Xiankun, the chairman of the group. It seems that Zhao is always "subdued" by this move and has to suffer a dumb loss. But when Zhao Zong changed hands, he sent a "sword" to xu feng and Tianke in the name of group audit, which almost brought down Huang Lilin’s lair. It can be seen that the Taoist priest climbs a foot and the devil climbs a foot. In the eyes of the real wise man Zhao Xiankun, Xia Ming is still immature. Although he can calculate the pros and cons, he will eventually be seen through at a glance.

In "The Ideal City", there is actually another smart person who doesn’t show mountains and rivers, that is, Xu Zhiping, the chief economist of the group. On the surface, he is a nice guy with a good temper, but in fact he is an "owl" who keeps an eye on all the trouble at any time and is the yellowbird behind mantis.

Two things can best see Xu Zhiping’s "Dao Xing".

After the accident of Tianke Company, Zhao Xiankun wanted to find out the bottom of the subsidiary by auditing. This matter was done well to offend the branch, but the chairman couldn’t explain it. Seeing that this hot potato was going to fall on his head, Xu Zhiping cleverly pretended to be sick and kicked the ball out. As a result, xu feng, who took over, was treated as a victim and demoted to a real estate company, while Xu Zhiping remained firmly in the position of chief economist, unscathed, and knowing how to protect himself was the key to a surprise victory in the future.

The second time to show his ability was after Su Xiao was promoted to the group. Zhao Peng, who was only followed by Wang Mingyu, and Su Xiao, the "new knife" of Zhao Xiankun, were at loggerheads. As the person in charge, Xu Zhiping not only did not reconcile, but also intensified the contradiction with a light "coordinate with yourself", which shows his wily.

When Huang Lilin’s stroke incident developed into a storm of Su Xiao’s merged subsidiary, at the PK meeting between Zhao Peng and Su Xiao, even Wang Mingyu, who had always supported Zhao Peng, was forced to defect to Su Xiao temporarily due to the situation, but Xu Zhiping supported Zhao Peng unexpectedly. Why? Obviously, it is a good way to recruit buyers.


The move of chess is really wonderful, which is simply amazing. When the collective voting of the board of directors came to an end and everyone supported Su Xiao, Xu Zhiping stood up to support Zhao Peng, which obviously had no effect on the result, but he succeeded in taking this opportunity to help Zhao Peng save face and take him under his command. This method of killing two birds with one stone was really high. Publicly supporting Zhao Peng, even Zhao Xiankun, the chairman of the board of directors, couldn’t say anything, but privately Zhao Peng was grateful to him, and promised to give orders at any time if there was anything needed, which showed how smart he was.

It’s not hard to see from the conversation of the bosses of the subsidiary that Xu Zhiping is actually an alliance with Wang Mingyu, and they and Zhao Xiankun, the chairman of the board, are not necessarily the same nostril to vent their anger. But when the reform team needed to employ people, after General Wang squeezed out xu feng, Xu Zhiping still quietly spoke for Zhao Xiankun and Wang Mingyu, and at first glance he looked like a good guy, right? But it was also he who changed his autonomy in personnel deployment for "one of his own" and Zhao Peng became the deputy head of the reform team. This series of operations was simply amazing. Therefore, Xu Zhiping, who seems to be quietly, is really terrible. Once he "defected", he can be "fatal" in minutes.

Compared with Wang Mingyu’s duplicity and his subsidiaries’ bosses’ threats of mutual affection and resignation, it is obvious that Xu Zhiping is more low-key and good-natured, but in fact he is a "smiling tiger" who is more powerful than Wang Mingyu. It seems that he doesn’t take sides and pull people, but in fact he has a panoramic view of everything. It takes minutes to stir up the situation. Such talents are really terrible. Therefore, being smart on the surface is not a win. It is a tough role to really do it quietly and step by step. At this point, it is obvious that Xu Zhiping of "Ideal City" won.