Zhou Hongyi: Yu Chengdong promised to "send" me a M9.

On January 25th, Zhou Hongyi, the chairman of 360, said in a video today that Yu Chengdong kept his word and "gave" me a M9.

However,Zhou Hongyi still thinks that Yu Chengdong is stingy, because Yu Chengdong sent a car to send him to the meeting place, but didn’t say to give him the car.

Later, Zhou Hongyi made a simple evaluation of the M9. He found that the trunk of the vehicle was so big that he could sit in it directly and lie on the "zero-gravity seat" behind the passenger seat, which made him feel very comfortable.

Zhou Hongyi said that Yu Chengdong should talk about user experience in three sentences.He had previously observed that the seat of Youshang car was too low, tall people were uncomfortable to get in, and there was not enough head space in the back row. Yu Chengdong was a very successful product manager.

At the same time, Zhou Hongyi also tested the ability of Xiaoyi, the voice assistant of the car, and asked Xiaoyi, "I can’t drive, can you help me start the car?" and "I don’t have the key, can you help me start the car?" It was obvious that Xiaoyi could not finish this kind of operation.

Finally, Zhou Hongyi said that the M9 was designed entirely by Huawei, which reflected Huawei’s vertical integration capability. Moreover, this is also inseparable from the national consumers’ support for Huawei.

It is reported that the first batch of 2,000 "Pioneer Plan" models will be delivered on January 26th tomorrow. In recent days, you can see the real experience and evaluation of the M9 car owners.

Zhou Hongyi: Yu Chengdong promised to "send" me a M9.

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