Official announcement! LI has hired a beautiful woman "Song Thigh", and the next step is expected to launch an ideal mobile phone?

LI has hired another talented person, who is affectionately called "Song Thigh" by netizens. In fact, this beautiful woman’s name is Song Ziwei. She is the product manager of IQOO series, and a sub-brand of IQOO series VIVO, which is mainly cost-effective, can be regarded as a red rice mobile phone under Xiaomi mobile phone, such a feeling. This time, the product manager was formally introduced, and many netizens speculated that LI had any intention, whether he wanted to make a mobile phone or what kind of position he wanted to give Song Ziwei.

According to the online news, Song Ziwei’s annual salary in IQOO department is as high as 1 million, and this time it will definitely get a big salary increase. Song Ziwei can be called "Song Thigh" because when she first appeared, she captured the hearts of many otaku with her extreme figure, but it seems that as long as there is Song Ziwei, it becomes a traffic password. This time, LI introduced this talent, and I don’t know what role it is. Similarly, with Li Xiang, CEO of LI, both of them are sales geniuses, which shows that there will be some "explosive" cooperation in the future.

It is speculated that LI will follow Weilai’s example and launch the same mobile phone. Another guess is that with the joining of Xuancheng and Li Ziwei, there is a high probability that they will devote themselves to the highlights of more new models. From the perspective of female users, they can add several configurations and functions that women prefer to "mobile home". As an excellent product manager, the joining of Song Ziwei will make LI go to a higher level, which is what we expect, and what kind of surprises will be brought to everyone by the subsequent replacement of LI.