Great Wall brand new SUV models, the latest purchase tax-free model catalogue is coming! (mixed articles)

Recently, dozens of new energy vehicles were included in the Catalogue of New Energy Vehicles Exempted from Vehicle Purchase Tax (the 63rd batch) issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In this article, we will introduce some popular hybrid models involved in the catalogue, including explosions that have achieved good performance in the market and new cars that are expected to be listed soon.

There is no doubt that the highest-end, most expensive one is Maibakh S580 e MAYBACH. The car has a pure electric cruising range of 94km, and with a 3.0L turbocharged six-cylinder engine, the comprehensive power can reach up to 375kW, and the acceleration is 5.1 seconds. It is worth mentioning that its fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 8.1L

The new car made its debut on February 9th, marking that Mercedes-Maibakh will enter a new era of electrification. At the same time, the brand’s first pure electric product will also be released and mass-produced this year. S580 e will take the lead in listing in China this year, but no matter how much it costs, it is believed that with Maibakh’s own brand positioning, there will naturally be wealthy China buyers.

In addition, the flagship S-class of Mercedes-Benz brand will also enjoy the purchase tax exemption policy for the brand-new plug-in hybrid product S450 e L.

There is also a car company in this catalogue that is particularly conspicuous: the Great Wall. Under the attack of electric and hybrid vehicles in the past two years, the Great Wall, once the first echelon in China, has shown an obvious backward trend. So in the previous announcement of the new car of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Great Wall seemed to catch up, bringing several brand-new products, which also appeared in the catalogue of exemption from purchase tax.

It is not difficult to see from the naming that the two brand-new models belong to the Haval SUV sequence, and they are no longer a bunch of "cats and dogs" like before, but on the whole, they are a different naming style, giving people some feelings of fickle. Let’s talk about Haval Ruge (or Haval Ruge MAX) first. According to the previous application information, the new car adopts a closed front face and a T-shaped headlight group. The area of the inverted trapezoid lower grille is huge, which makes the whole front face unexpectedly simple.

Although it looks like a pure electric car, it is actually a plug-in hybrid car. The length, width and height of the new car are 4600/1877/1675mm and the wheelbase is 2710mm, so the positioning is undoubtedly a compact SUV. The shape of its body side, especially the window lines, is quite similar to that of Tucki G9 or Deep Blue S7.

Another car was also unveiled in the previous announcement of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and its name was Haval Xiaolong (or Haval Xiaolong MAX). Compared with Haval Ruge, Haval Xiaolong has a larger size, with the length, width and height of 4758/1895/1725mm respectively, which is a circle larger than Haval H6. The front face of the new car is also a brand-new design style, but it is quite different from Haval. The headlight group looks quite similar to the boomerang, and uses a diamond lattice net without boundaries.

In terms of power, the two cars will continue to be equipped with Great Wall’s own DHT hybrid system. Judging from a large number of sub-models in the catalogue, the engine displacement of the two new cars is 1.5L, and the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 5.3L, 5.5L and 5.6L.. In terms of pure battery life, there will be different cruising ranges of 44-96km depending on different models. It is worth mentioning that the different configurations of the two models add up to 9 kinds!

In addition to Haval, another new car of Great Wall’s tank brand is about to go on the market, which is the PHEV version of the medium and large hard-core SUV tank 500 with high heat before. The temperament of the car is completely different from that of the tank 300, and it will be more obvious to focus on high-end and luxurious styles from the inside out.

In addition, there are some existing models that have attracted much attention, which are also included in the list of exemption from purchase tax. For example, the high-end product of Geely’s Lectra 09 PHEV has an engine displacement of 2.0L and a fuel consumption of 7.8L per 100 kilometers with the intervention of the hybrid system.

BYD also took out the Song PRO DM-i, which will undoubtedly be a new model of 2023. The front face design has been updated, and the length and height of the car body have been significantly increased, and the overall size has reached 4738/1860/1710mm. The new car will continue to use the 1.5L engine+drive motor, with the maximum power of the engine of 81kW, the maximum power of the drive motor of 145kW and the fuel consumption of 5.3L per 100 kilometers.

Like the pure electric models in the last article, these hybrid models will be available at the end of the month, and will probably be launched at the Shanghai Auto Show in the distant future. Especially for the two new cars under the Great Wall, although the overall quality will not be much worse, if we insist on going its own way in naming, the market performance will probably have to be questioned. Otherwise, apart from big dogs, beasts and cool dogs, who else remembers that two years ago, Haval also had an SUV called "First Love"? Of course, the car finally stopped production.