Great Wall Gun Passenger/Commercial Pickup Diesel 8AT117,800 Yuan went on the market.

On September 12th, the Great Wall gun passenger pickup truck and commercial pickup truck diesel 8AT were officially listed in Hainan. Among them, the price range of diesel 8AT for commercial pickup truck of Great Wall Gun is 117,800-140,800 yuan; The price range of diesel 8AT for passenger pickup truck is 133,800-166,800 yuan. At the press conference, the Great Wall Gun Hainan Merchants Alliance was formally established. With the model of pickup truck+thousands of businesses, more business formats were derived to share the life of creating wealth with the elites of the times. In addition, the 1.8 millionth Great Wall pickup truck in the world was officially delivered to users, witnessing the historic moment of the pickup truck industry, and the domestic products were excellent and trustworthy.

Launch on the market and enjoy the quadruple gift.

For the new customers of diesel 8AT, Great Wall Gun has launched four exclusive gifts to help them buy cars at preferential prices, as follows:

First, the financial ceremony: car purchase can enjoy a two-year zero-interest financial policy;

Second, the replacement ceremony: enjoy a high replacement subsidy of 5,000 yuan;

Third, the interconnection ceremony: the basic service is free for life, the entertainment service is free for 3 years, and the exclusive service is free for 1 year;

Fourth, the warranty ceremony: the engine and transmission enjoy a four-year or 100,000-kilometer long warranty.

400N·m Mass Production of the Maximum Torque Diesel National Six Pickups

The diesel 8AT model of the pickup truck and commercial pickup truck for the Great Wall Gun has a powerful core and the torque is as high as 400N·m, which is the national six diesel power with the largest torque among pickup trucks in mass production at present, and the longest cruising range can reach 940 kilometers. At the same time, with the latest generation of ZF 8AT transmission, it can realize millisecond dynamic response and match the functions of Auto P and Auto N, which brings you the ultimate driving experience.

Be a smart life assistant who knows you best. The pickup truck for the Great Wall Artillery is equipped with a new generation of vehicle networking, which can realize intelligent voice control, intelligent dynamic information service, remote control and other functions. At the same time, it is equipped with L2 automatic driving technology, which can realize the functions of assisted driving, environmental awareness, planning and decision-making, and is the best intelligent travel car.

Super safe, all-round care for every moment of travel. The Great Wall Gun is equipped with the latest generation of 9.3 ESP, a 360-megapixel panoramic system, lane keeping, ACC adaptive cruise, AEB automatic braking and other configurations, plus passive safety configurations such as high-strength cage body and door collision beam. At the same time, it comes standard with CN95 air conditioning filter, which ensures the safety of drivers and passengers in all directions.

Super comfortable, improve the driving experience in all directions. The Great Wall Gun has leather seats, leather steering wheel, electric seat adjustment, seat heating and other configurations. It has also been designed and treated with more than 100 sound insulation/absorption, and is equipped with keyless entry, one-button start, 9-inch touch screen, etc., so that technology can better serve every trip.

The Great Wall Gun Merchants Alliance was formally established.

At this conference, Great Wall Gun officially announced the establishment of Hainan Merchants Alliance. It will also build a brand experience center in the core cities of the country and set up an off-road extreme experience base in Alashan and Everest; At the same time, with the cross-border brand alliance, customer alliance and merchant alliance of Great Wall Gun as the link, the official Che Youhui of Great Wall Gun will be established to build an open and shared pickup life community.

The 1760*1520*538mm container of the Great Wall Gun has super loading capacity and unlimited modification potential, which is efficient to adapt to various commercial scenes. Pickup truck+RV, pickup truck +4S shop, pickup truck+coffee, pickup truck+flowers, etc., the Great Wall Gun will boost the development of more commercial formats, and in the era of wealth creation, everything will become king.

Building a full-scene pickup truck life

As a global pickup truck, Great Wall Gun is committed to creating a full-scene pickup truck life and creating a surprising experience for users. From the coast of the East China Sea to the snowy plateau, from the bustling city to the desert Gobi; From photography, cycling, rock climbing and luya to exploration, camping, yachting and RV. The lifestyle brought by the Great Wall Cannon has connected a complete consumer ecosystem with interests as the starting point, which has changed the traditional cognition of pickup trucks among Chinese people, opened the "first year of pickup truck life" and is leading China pickup truck into the era of 3.0 multi-purpose ride.

Global sales have exceeded 1.8 million vehicles.

As the leader of the pickup truck industry in domestic and export sales for 22 consecutive years, with outstanding product strength and leading service standards, the cumulative global sales of Great Wall pickup trucks has exceeded 1.8 million. In August, the sales volume of Great Wall pickup trucks exceeded 20,000 for four consecutive months, accounting for nearly 50% of the market. For every two pickup trucks sold in the pickup market, one is Great Wall.

In order to better help the elites of the times, Great Wall Gun took the lead in creating a new standard for global pickup truck service. Relying on more than 2,500 sales and service networks around the world, it improved the efficiency and satisfaction of user service through quality assurance upgrade, standard upgrade, care upgrade and integrity commitment. On the occasion of the first anniversary of listing, Great Wall Gun once again upgraded its service and launched a six-fold gift of gratitude to customers to bring better car experience to consumers. The details are as follows:

1. Maintenance ceremony: basic maintenance is free, and one basic maintenance including engine oil+machine filter+gasket+working hours is provided to the inbound customers (only for APP collection, and the maintenance before the store is valid on October 31st);

2. Health gift: replace CN95 air filter once for free;

Third, the warranty ceremony: the warranty is upgraded, and all engines and transmissions of the Great Wall Gun enjoy a four-year or 100,000-kilometer long warranty;

Fourth, the recommendation ceremony: the old customers introduce new customers to buy the Great Wall Cannon, and give the old customers basic maintenance materials (engine oil+machine filter);

Five, rescue ceremony: one-way 100 km free rescue, non-product quality problems within 100 km one-way free rescue services (except accident vehicles);

VI. Testing Ceremony: The whole vehicle is inspected free of charge, and 20 free tests such as vehicle safety and health status are provided to customers.

In the future, based on the support and trust of 1.8 million fans, Great Wall Cannon will take global products, global quality and global service as the standards, comprehensively accelerate the globalization process of Great Wall pickup trucks, and implement the "1-2-3" strategic goal, that is, "keep domestic and export sales first; In 2020, the annual sales will exceed 200,000 vehicles; In 2025, the cumulative global sales exceeded 3 million. " From China cannon to global cannon, Great Wall cannon will compete with the international mainstream pickup truck brands on the same stage, with the sword pointing to the top three in the world, making pickup trucks popular!