Ask the new M7 in the world to sell and explode Yu Chengdong’s testimony of "coming back to life"

  These days, from the science and technology circle to the automobile circle to the user group, there is a heated discussion about the explosion of the new M7 in the world.

  Just after the National Day holiday, the number of new M7s in the world has soared from 30,000 at the end of September to 50,000. Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of BG, and chairman of smart car solutions, sent a circle of friends on October 6: Since the release of the new M7 on September 12, the first sale has exceeded 50,000 vehicles, and the number of new M7 vehicles in the industry has reached 3,500 and 7,000 respectively (October 5 and 6), with a total of more than 10,000 vehicles in two days. "It’s not easy to come back to life!"

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  Yu Chengdong also expressed his gratitude to the users in Weibo. "It’s only been 25 days since it went on the market, and the new M7 has exceeded 50,000 vehicles! Thank you very much for your support and love! The new M7 in the world brings you the ultimate experience of big space, great wisdom and super safety, especially the intelligent safety capability brought by Huawei’s omni-directional anti-collision system, which is the first in the world, and is recognized and welcomed by consumers. We are going all out to speed up the mass delivery of high quality. "

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  It can be said that the new M7 in Wenjie is the most successful new model in AITO’s history. In the months before its official launch on September 12th, the sales of the old M7 failed to exceed 1,000, with only 988 vehicles in August. The new product of Huanxin is more in line with the market demand due to the change of positioning, and the price in place also makes everything easy to say. Perhaps it has been predicted that the order will be much higher than the original, but it was not expected to be so high. Huawei’s appeal to this new car is far beyond imagination.

  AITO’s new M7 series car was officially launched on September 12th. The new car has three models with five seats and two models with six seats. The official guide price is 249,800-329,800 yuan, which is 40,000 yuan lower than that of the old car.

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  At that time, at the press conference, Yu Chengdong declared: "Huawei invested 500 million yuan in the new M7, using solid materials and the best technology to make it not only ‘ Intelligent cockpit ceiling ’ , or ‘ Intelligent driving ceiling ’ , but also ‘ Intelligent safety ceiling ’ In the invisible and visible places, it brings users the ultimate experience that is more advanced than far ahead! "

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  The most concerned configuration of the new M7 in Wenjie is equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system, which can realize high-speed and urban advanced intelligent driving without relying on high-precision maps. Yu Chengdong also announced that the urban intelligent pilot assistance (urban NCA) is expected to cover all urban areas in China in December 2023.

  Since its release in April 2023, HUAWEIADS2.0 has built a rich scene library on the AI ? ? training cluster, learning 10 million +km in depth every day, and continuously optimizing the iterative intelligent driving algorithm and scene strategy. As of September 2023, the long-distance NCA pilot MPI (average takeover mileage) is as high as 200km, and the success rate of urban elevated import and export is as high as 99%+, which is comparable to that of "old drivers".

  Behind the "far ahead" intelligent driving experience, the new M7 in Wenjie is equipped with 27 sensing hardware, including an overhead laser radar, three millimeter-wave radars, 11 high-definition visual sensing cameras and 12 ultrasonic radars. With the high-performance computing platform and Huawei’s self-developed anthropomorphic algorithm, the whole scene and all-weather perception of dynamic and static targets (including alien objects) are realized. In addition, based on the multi-sensor fusion perception, the new car also has the intelligent parking ability of visible parking, and supports parking in parking service and ultra-narrow parking spaces in the park. HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit is smoother, more fun and more convenient, just like "mobile whole house intelligence".

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  Intelligent driving and intelligent cockpit are undoubtedly one of the biggest highlights of the new M7, and many users seem to have taken a fancy to it. It is understood that at present, in this wave of big decisions, the proportion of intelligent driving version has reached about 60%. This data is a bit shocking. After all, the price of intelligent driving version is slightly higher. Before that, many consumers will not take intelligent assisted driving as a car purchase factor, and more will choose the non-intelligent driving version.

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  Huawei’s heavy investment in the new M7 has obviously changed things. The reason is actually very simple. Consumers can really feel the active safety brought by Huawei’s HUAWEI ADS 2.0, which is the core experience of driving with confidence. For example, the new M7 is equipped with the first omni-directional anti-collision system in the industry, which can achieve forward, lateral and backward omni-directional anti-collision capabilities; The maximum braking speed of AEB is increased to 90km/h, which can reduce 90% traffic accidents caused by inattention and complicated road conditions.

  As we all know, the basic delivery volume of the big order will be very close to the real delivery volume, because it is irreversible. The network circulated the sales report data of the new M7 released by Yu Chengdong in the company’s internal group, and disclosed the specific big order data and different configuration options of the new M7 in detail.

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  On October 7, the sales volume (as of 10: 00) accumulated a total of 55,506 vehicles, with an increase of 4,197 vehicles.

  -Five seats, accounting for 81%: 45,057 seats were set in total, and 3,282 seats were added; Max accounts for 57.5%, plus four-wheel drive 4% and plus two-wheel drive 38.6%;

  -Six seats account for 19%: 10,449 seats have been accumulated, and 915 seats have been added; Max accounts for 71%, plus rear drive 29%;

  -Exterior colors: ice crystal silver 40.2%, deep sky gray 21.3%, azure blue 16.7%, Shengjin black 16.4%, pine frost green 5.3%;

  -Interior color: amber brown 43%, extreme night black 2.4%, Shaohua apricot 54.5%;

  -Wheel hub: 20 inches 75.4%, 21 inches aerodynamic 2.5%, 21 inches double ten frames 22%;

  -The optional rate of five-seat Max version ADS premium package is 70%, and the optional rate of six-seat Max version ADS premium package is 68%.

  The screenshot also includes a set of blind order data of M9, and 10,450 orders of blind order of M9 are accumulated, and 8040 orders are kept. On that day, 333 vehicles were booked blindly, 26 vehicles were unsubscribed and 307 vehicles were booked blindly. The M9, which is expected to be released in December, will be equipped with China’s first deeply involved vehicle platform, intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving flagship configuration, and light field screen.

  In view of the market performance of the new M7, Yu Chengdong has entrusted the new car with the heavy responsibility of "undertaking more than 30% sales this year". Next, it depends on the delivery of the new M7. If the delivery cycle is too long, it will indeed lose some lock users. Celeste, the producer of the new M7 in Wenjie, is stepping up its production capacity. Before October 5, the new M7 in Wenjie plans to complete the supply capacity construction of 450 vehicles per day in the first phase, and the second factory of Celeste will produce 750 vehicles per day on November 1.

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  According to the research report of Guojin Securities, Mate 60/Mate X5 series has driven Huawei’s popularity to an unprecedented level, and the pricing of the new M7 in the overlapping world has exceeded expectations, which is 60,000-70,000 yuan lower than that of the main competing products, as well as the improvement of product strength such as safety, which has driven the number of shops and orders in the world to skyrocket. It is expected that the monthly sales in the world will return to the ranks of 10,000 vehicles.

  Citic Securities Research Report pointed out that Huawei’s smart car selection business has experienced a turning point in the M7 model change after the first round of the M5 and M7 model cycles. Behind the high cost performance is the reflection and adjustment of product definition, channel operation and pricing strategy.

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  As a 250,000-class luxury SUV, Wenjie New M7 has established the image of the "ceiling" of smart price ratio in market segments. Sales volume speaks for itself, and Huawei’s full return to the world is good news for the new forces that build cars, and there is still a lot to see later. (Text: Yang Xiaohong Map: Weibo, AITO Automobile)