The brand-new BYD Tang went on sale on June 26th, starting from 150,000 yuan.

  A few days ago, we learned from relevant channels that the new BYD Tang will be officially listed on June 26th, and the new car has been pre-sold. The pre-sale price range of the fuel version model is 150,000-180,000 yuan, and the pre-sale price range of the new BYD Tang double template model is 250,000-300,000 yuan. The brand-new BYD Tang is based on the design concept of "Dragon Face", and with the three core keywords of "impression", "technology" and "culture", it shows higher recognition and luxury.

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  In terms of appearance, the new car is based on the design concept of "Dragon Face". The front face shape creates a better proportion by strengthening the horizontal design and controlling and lowering the visual center, which makes the new car look lighter and more sporty. In addition, the new style grille of the new car adopts double-strip design, which looks very layered and quality.

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  In terms of headlights, the new car adopts the design of all-LED lens with daytime running lights, which is the "longan" in its overall design. It is sharp and fashionable in shape, and it is full of scientific and technological sense. When it is lit at night, the visual effect is very eye-catching.

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  Coming to the side of the car body, the staggered double waistline design gives people a sense of diving movement, and the design of the suspended roof plays an indispensable role in improving the overall face value, increasing the layering and three-dimensional sense. At the same time, the exterior rearview mirror of the new car adopts two-color design, and the turn signal and 360 panoramic camera are integrated in it, which is very practical, which is also in line with the current design trend. It is worth mentioning that the 22-inch sports rim of the new car further highlights the sportiness of the new car and makes the side ratio more coordinated.

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  Coming to the rear of the car, the rear shape of the new car creates a very thick visual effect, and the taillights with streamer steering are adopted. The whole car looks very domineering, full of technology and high recognition. In addition, the large-size black fender at the bottom of the rear bumper of the new car further highlights the fashion sense of the new car.

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  As for the interior, the design of the center console in front of the new car takes "horizontal" and "embracing" as key words. The clean center console is stretched from the center to the vertical air outlets on both sides, giving people a more open and atmospheric subjective feeling. In addition, the position of the center console is wrapped in soft materials, which has excellent hand feeling and delicate texture. It is worth mentioning that the red stitching process makes it look exquisite and sporty.

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  At the same time, the new car uses a three-spoke flat-bottomed steering wheel, which is more fashionable and sporty than the original, and the feel is also very delicate. In addition, the new car is equipped with multi-function buttons on both sides of the steering wheel, which can control multimedia and Bluetooth phones, which adds a lot of convenience for driving.

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  The most eye-catching part of the interior design is this 14.6-inch suspended central control panel, which can be rotated into horizontal and vertical screens according to different usage scenarios, which is very user-friendly. In addition, the operating system of this screen will be deeply customized on the basis of Android operating system, integrating various function buttons, driving computer, intelligent network connection and cloud service.

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  In terms of power, the performance of the engine and motor of the new car has been further optimized, and the performance has been further improved. The official data shows that the acceleration time of 0-100km/h is only 4.5s s. The specific data of the fuel version model has not been disclosed, and we will continue to pay attention.