It’s not stupid to choose a domestic car for 150 thousand! These SUVs have the strength to challenge the joint venture benchmark.

Recently, a friend asked, I want to buy an SUV for around 150 thousand. Do you have any good recommendations?

If this was said five years ago, most people probably thought of joint venture brands for the first time, such as Japanese two fields, Volkswagen and so on. But now, do you still think so? The progress of domestic automobile brands in recent years is obvious to all, and they begin to have better product quality and quality, which can provide the product characteristics that consumers need. Especially in the field of about 150,000 household SUVs, domestic brands almost occupy half of the country.

Why? Quite simply, in this price segment, consumers are most likely to perceive the "cost performance" of domestic cars. Compared with joint venture brands with the same price, both the size, space and configuration will be significantly higher.

And through this question, today I just recommend several new cars with a value of about 150,000 recently listed.

Xingyue L (parameter picture)

Xingyue L is a new car just listed last month, and it is also one of the most anticipated SUVs in the first half of the year. It is built with the same CMA platform of Volvo, almost reaching the size of a medium-sized SUV, but positioning a compact SUV, which can be described as superb. The key is that the final listing price of 137.2-185.2 million is much lower than what netizens expected.

The first thing to evaluate this model is from CMA platform, which has three major advantages: safety, cage body and the use of a large number of super-strong steel. Environmental protection, non-toxic cockpit, auxiliary materials emphasize non-toxic and harmless. Strong, T-series engine, 2.0T engine, in which high power is very capable of playing. We must know that at present, only Great Wall has released its own "Lemon" platform, but the Lemon platform has just come out, and the CMA platform has relied on Volvo’s early practice. From the perspective of car-making level, it should be ahead of other domestic brands.

In addition, the exterior interior is actually Geely’s current family design, but speaking of the great praise of Xingyue L, the author thinks that Geely is quite clever in color matching. For example, the Cuiyu blue car paint inspired by Peking Opera costumes will really give you a strong oriental charm, which echoes the interior color matching of white+brown or black+Kong Quelan, and is also low-key and luxurious enough.

Of course, the three 12.3-inch screens that can be linked together in the car are also eye-catching, except the minimum ones. And this time, Geely is finally willing to use the Snapdragon chip. I believe that the smoothness and responsiveness of the car will be better than the previous models.

Self-owned brand models all belong to the pile configuration, and the increase does not increase the price, especially Geely. This time, even the lowest configuration of Xingyue L is very rich, which belongs to the entry-level matching. Such as 360 panoramic image, panoramic sunroof, keyless entry, FOTA upgrade, electric adjustment and heating of rearview mirror, etc., and in addition to the minimum configuration, other models also have front and rear head airbags and electric tailgates with memory and induction. These configurations are very practical.

The 4770mm conductor is here. This figure has far surpassed many more expensive joint venture competitors, and the wheelbase has reached 2845mm, which is similar to some intermediate luxury SUVs. The size advantage also brings abundant space experience. For some people who pursue large space, they should be very satisfied with this car.

As for xingyue l, how to choose it? In the 2.0T low-power version, don’t think about the minimum matching. Most of them don’t have cars, even the two-wheel drive luxury type. I don’t recommend starting. On the one hand, the 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox matched with the low-power version is not bad in adjustment, but the overall texture is still different from that of 8AT.

So if you like this car, I think it should be at least 155,200 distinguished models. Active braking and full-speed adaptive cruising are only available for the distinguished type and above. These two configurations really have a certain weight, which will be more in line with the product positioning of Xingyue L than beggars in the middle.

Then there are only two high-powered four-wheel drive versions, four-wheel drive distinguished and four-wheel drive flagship. What is the price difference of 17.52/18.52? The former has a 19-inch tire, while the latter has a 20-inch tire. The latter has many auxiliary functions, such as lane keeping, side warning of reversing car, automatic parking, Bluetooth key, HUD head-up, wireless charging in front row, privacy glass in rear row, independent air conditioner in rear row, car purifier, etc. Personally, I think that if the money is not bad, it can be equipped in one step. If it is for high performance and four-wheel drive, the distinguished model is absolutely enough.

Generally speaking, Geely’s new car can always surprise people, and the price of 13.72-18.52 million is lower than many people’s expectations. In particular, as Geely’s flagship SUV, Xingyue L is designed with high intentions. I think it has strong competitiveness under this pricing, and you can choose the rest as needed.

Tiggo 8 Kunpeng Edition

Tiggo 8 Kunpeng Edition, as an annual redesigned model, does not need to expect too much visual optimization in design. The main core change is the moderate optimization of the cockpit and the new 2.0T power.

In a word, the author thinks that this new car looks like a King Kong Barbie-burly and exquisite, which is just my subjective feeling, and the design is mainly a matter of opinion.

However, the interior texture of the Tiggo 8 Kunpeng version, objectively speaking, really needs to be praised, and it has a fight with Chery’s positioning of a higher-end star road, and the soft bag and leather treatment are really willing to pay for it. It is a pity that the car machine failed to adopt the dual screen of Tiggo 8 PLUS, and the sense of technology was slightly weak.

In addition, the seats, aviation headrests, double-deck sound insulation glass, etc. of the same model in Xingtu, the Tiggo 8 Kunpeng version also achieved everything this time. The length, width and height of the new car body reach 4700x1860x1746mm and the wheelbase is 2710mm, which belongs to the mainstream level, and it is not as big as Xingyue L, and it is as big as leapfrog.

However, in terms of power, the middle and low models retain the previous 1.5T and 1.6T versions, and the 390TGDI version equipped with Kunpeng Power 2.0TGDI engine is the real "killer" of the Tiggo 8 Kunpeng version. Its maximum power is 187kW, the maximum torque is 390N·m, it is matched with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox, and the zero-speed acceleration reaches 7.5 seconds. Its power performance even exceeds the 2.0T high-power engine on BMW X3 and the 2.0T high-power engine on Volkswagen Magotan.

The key point is that the entry style of 2.0T is only 10,000 more than the guide price of 1.6T, and the high-end version is only 130,000, so you can have the sound of breaking hundreds and luxury cars in the early 7S.

On the whole, a 150-thousand-seat SUV with seven seats, including the domestic joint venture, may have no rivals in practicality and power. Even if it moves out of a cost-effective model such as Mai Rui Bao Regal 2.0T, the tiggo 8 Kunpeng 390TGDI in this section will surely be able to make a sound in seconds.

Byd song PLUS DM-i

BYD Song PLUS DM-i is one of the few plug-in SUV models with a class of 150,000. The design concept of the third generation of Dargon Face has improved a lot, and the interior is mainly based on science and technology: 12.8-inch large screen, NFC car keys, Dirac intelligent music cockpit, 360 HD images, voice interaction, and L2 driving assistance. The overall technology equipment is also higher than the mainstream. But the most important thing is the DM-i hybrid system that friends care about, and it is also the top work from BYD.

Let’s take the 110km endurance model as an example. According to official data, its acceleration time can reach 7.9 seconds, and its fuel consumption is 4.5L/100km. And if it is full of oil and electricity, the comprehensive cruising range can even reach 1200 kilometers, which is equivalent to the distance from Beijing to Shanghai.

Based on these hard-core data, the performance of Song PLUS DM-i is even better than that of Honda i-MMD and Toyota THS in terms of performance and fuel economy.

However, Song PLUS DM-i, no matter how good it is, has to be a trade-off. Throughout its four configurations, the price range is 144,600 yuan-169,800 yuan, and the difference between the entry version and the top version is only 23,000 yuan. The gap is mainly due to its power in 51km and 110km versions. In contrast, because the battery capacity of the 110km version is upgraded from 8.3kWh of 51km to 18.3kW, it not only has stronger performance and faster acceleration, but also the pure electric cruising range is upgraded from 51km to 110km.

Don’t underestimate the battery life gap of 59km. The 110km version can basically keep pure electric driving in the city, while the 51km version is a bit reluctant. Therefore, if the family has the conditions of charging, the 110km version will undoubtedly be lower in terms of the later car cost.

Finally, I would like to add that Song PLUS DM-i is good at everything, except that it is not good for waiting for the bus. This is the biggest complaint of riders at present. It is reported that the waiting time for the bus is generally 3-5 months, and the author can only say that "good things are more grinding".

In the past, 150,000-class self-owned brand SUVs did have great advantages in terms of size, space and configuration compared with joint venture models. From the three new cars recommended this time, they are also filling the shortcomings in terms of the power that consumers care most about, and it is getting better and better. Whether it’s the Xingyue L with the same power as Volvo, the Chery Kunpeng engine with the same level of performance, or the BYD DM- i with hybrid technology comparable to Japan’s two fields, we have seen the upward climb of our own brands, and they are gradually competing with joint venture vehicles, even surpassing joint venture vehicles.