What does cma platform mean?


What is CMA platform?

As a modular platform of Volvo, CMA platform is a new architecture led by Volvo Car and jointly developed by Geely Automobile and Volvo Car. This architecture can not only cover the development of A0-B class cars, sedan or hatchback, even cars or SUVs, but also be the cornerstone of the new era of high-end joint venture brand Lexus.

The benefits of CMA platform include:

  1. Platform productionCMA platform can greatly shorten the product development cycle and accelerate the upgrading of automobiles.
  2. Safety promotionThe safety advantage of CMA "Smart Rubik’s Cube" lies in the close combination of active and passive safety technologies, which can give people in the car stronger safety protection ability.
  3. Intelligent experience: Connect with the in-vehicle system through LINK’s exclusive mobile APP, and bring users a smarter driving experience.