Welcome Lantern Festival China Nengjian Gezhouba Group’s three companies’ job skills competition is interesting.

"Good-!" With the dump truck master Qu Hao steadily dumping the vehicle into the competition area with a length of only 6 meters and a width of only 2.5 meters, the colleagues on the sidelines cheered in unison. The seemingly simplest dump truck parking and warehousing is the project that can best see the driving skills, which is equivalent to parking a heavy truck in the parking space of a car. Off-site, the Dashixia Reservoir project in Xinjiang is in full swing, and a game of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is being staged.
Man Bin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Vice Chairman and Trade Union Chairman of China Gezhouba Group Third Engineering Co., Ltd., delivered a speech at the opening ceremony.
On February 15th, it was the Lantern Festival, and at the site of Dashixia Project Department of China Gezhouba Group Third Engineering Co., Ltd., a vocational skill competition with rich interest, real tricks and kung fu was even more joyful. The builders gathered at the dam foundation site of Dashixia Water Control Project, the world’s tallest concrete face dam (under construction), to promote training and learning through competition, which brought festive warmth to the first-line construction team during the intense construction process.
China Gezhouba Group Third Engineering Co., Ltd. Dashixia Project Department Job Skills Competition Opening Ceremony Photo by Bai Yulin
According to Bai Lin, assistant to the Planning (Engineering) Management Department of China Gezhouba Group Third Engineering Co., Ltd., the Dashixia Project Department of Xinjiang organized the "Celebrating the Lantern Festival and Post Skills Competition" around the annual labor competition plan, starting from "comparing skills, promoting innovation, selecting talents and helping development", and built a platform for skilled talents to show their skills and learn from each other through various and distinctive competition activities. Establish a long-term mechanism to discover, select, use and cultivate skilled personnel, promote employees to learn skills, study business and improve their quality, create a good atmosphere of respecting knowledge, skills and skilled personnel, and further improve the overall professional quality of all employees.
The contestants are waiting for the entrance competition. Photo by Bai Yulin
"It’s all based on the basic skills of the masters’ normal work, so that the contestants can show their elegance, compete their own style and show their own level. At the same time, it is also the centripetal force of our company to work together and create good results. Everyone, regardless of age and nationality, competes together and cheers together. This is the first job skill competition. We will sum up our experience and make persistent efforts in the future." Bai Lin said.
The player is driving a bulldozer to complete the brick pushing competition. Photo by Bai Yulin
Cheers are loud here, and applause is constant there. At the other end, Song Jihong, the driver of the loader, is operating a large loader to "thread the needle" and build iron blocks. Master Song should carefully control the bucket of the loader, and use the added steel bar to pass through iron rings only the thickness of eggs. Sitting in the high cab, Master Song still needs to adjust the angle of the bucket constantly. At this distance, controlling the loader is like threading the needle with the naked eye. It is only a matter of time for Master Song, who has 31 years of working experience and 18 years of loader driving experience, to test the driver’s manipulation and years of experience. The skillful experience over the years also makes others give a thumbs up.
Song Jihong is completing Bai Yulin, the iron block project.
"The overall completion is not bad, that is, when you base the iron block, you should pay attention to the action range. I just wasted a little time in this link. This competition is a test of people’s patience and control of details." Song Jihong said.
Bai Yulin, the dam under construction.
As one of the 172 major water conservation and water supply projects identified by the State Council, Dashixia Water Control Project plays an outstanding role in ensuring people’s livelihood in water storage and irrigation, hydropower generation and economic development in southern Xinjiang. It is reported that since the Dashixia Water Control Project started construction for more than two years, all employees from all ethnic groups across the country have overcome the impact of multiple unfavorable factors such as strong winds, severe cold, snowstorms and epidemics. Continue to accelerate the progress of the project, the project has shifted from earth and stone excavation of the dam to dam foundation filling, and it is about to enter the peak period of concrete filling. As builders and participants of the project department, the masters learn from each other and communicate with each other with real skills in their spare time, which not only ensures the project construction, but also enhances their feelings, and encourages them to realize the project progress as scheduled in the new year. (Bai Yulin) (China Daily Xinjiang Journalist Station)
Source: China Daily.