What? I didn’t eat Lantern Festival! What else should we pay attention to during the holidays?

Xiaoqiang always thought that he was just a different fireworks, and Xiaoqiang had a different Lantern Festival. Lantern Festival is a traditional festival in China, with the customs of eating Yuanxiao, setting off fireworks, solve riddles on the lanterns and viewing lanterns. On the day of the festival, Xiaoqiang also bought Yuanxiao from the supermarket early, and prepared to take his family to enjoy lanterns and set off fireworks after eating Yuanxiao. But Yuanxiao became a pot of porridge after it was cooked in the pot. Xiaoqiang picked up the packaging bag and looked at it. It was 7 days overdue. When he didn’t eat the Lantern Festival, Xiaoqiang was inevitably unhappy, so he drank alcohol during dinner. Xiao Ming, his son, urged him to enjoy the lanterns, and Xiaoqiang drove his family to enjoy the lanterns. The street is full of excitement, Xiaoqiang is only interested in solve riddles on the lanterns, and Xiaoming is separated from his family. After finding Xiaoming, the family went to set off fireworks, and Xiaoqiang also set off several lanterns. After that, Xiaoqiang drove his family home again.

So, what should I do if I buy an expired Yuanxiao? What else should we pay attention to during the holidays?

Good luck in the year of the rabbit

the Lantern Festival

How to protect rights when buying expired food?

Paragraph 1 of Article 54 of the Food Safety Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) stipulates that food business operators shall store food according to the requirements of ensuring food safety, regularly check the stored food, and promptly clean up the food that has deteriorated or exceeded its shelf life. Article 148, paragraph 2, stipulates that: if a consumer produces food that does not meet the food safety standards or manages food that he knows does not meet the food safety standards, he may demand compensation from the producer or operator for ten times the price or three times the loss; If the amount of additional compensation is less than 1,000 yuan, it will be 1,000 yuan. However, there are defects in the labels and instructions of food that do not affect food safety and will not mislead consumers.

Therefore, supermarkets, as food operators, have the obligation to regularly check the food in stock and clean up the food that has deteriorated or exceeded the shelf life in time. Xiaoqiang can ask the supermarket for compensation when he buys the expired Yuanxiao in the supermarket, and he can also ask him to pay 10 times the price or 3 times the loss compensation. If the supermarket is unwilling to pay compensation, Xiaoqiang can also report to the local market supervision department or bring a lawsuit to the court. When shopping, we should get into the habit of asking for invoices, shopping receipts and other bills and keep them properly. If we buy expired food, we should stop eating it immediately and keep it properly. We can also take photos or videos to keep evidence for the convenience of safeguarding rights in the future.

Take good care of your belongings when viewing flower lanterns.

Especially optimistic about Xiong Haizi.

From the carnival of "Fire Trees and Silver Flowers" and "Flower Market Lights Like Day" in the Tang Dynasty to the prosperity of "Thousands of Doors Unlock and Thousands of Trees Bloom in the East Wind Night" in the Song Dynasty, all show the excitement and prosperity of the Lantern Festival. People are crowded on the Lantern Festival street. While enjoying the lanterns and solve riddles on the lanterns, we must take good care of our personal belongings such as mobile phones and wallets to avoid losing property, especially Xiong Haizi. People can easily disperse adults and children. In the turbulent crowd, "Your mother called you home for dinner" can’t be heard at all!

In case of lost property or lost children, you should call 110 for help at the first time. I would also like to remind everyone that: 1. Try not to take your children to crowded places. If you go to crowded places such as shopping malls, parks or squares, you must take good care of your belongings, take good care of your children, and don’t let them leave your sight; 2. Adults should not only learn safety protection measures by themselves at ordinary times, but also instill safety knowledge into their children frequently, such as teaching children to find the nearest safety protection place in time after being lost, such as the police station, the bank hall, the security booth of supermarkets or shopping malls, etc. 3. Usually teach children to remember their parents’ names and telephone numbers, and remember their home address.

Set off fireworks and firecrackers and observe the regulations.

Beware of hurting others and yourself.

Lantern Festival is an important festival of our Chinese nation. Setting off fireworks and firecrackers is also a traditional custom, which can not only express festive mood, but also add a strong festive atmosphere, but there are hidden dangers behind the beauty of fireworks and the joy of firecrackers. If you don’t pay attention to setting off fireworks, it will not only hurt yourself, but also easily spread to others. The State Council’s "Regulations on the Safety Management of Fireworks and Firecrackers" authorizes local people’s governments at or above the county level to determine the time, place and types of fireworks and firecrackers to be restricted or prohibited according to the actual situation of their respective administrative areas, and clearly stipulates that fireworks and firecrackers are prohibited in cultural relics protection units, transportation hubs, medical institutions, schools and key fire prevention areas. If you hurt yourself due to improper burning of fireworks and firecrackers, you should seek medical advice in time; If it causes damage to the person or property of others, it shall be liable for damages according to law; Accidents such as explosion of filling stations and gas stations, loss of cultural relics, fire in forests and grasslands, etc., may be investigated for criminal responsibility in addition to compensation for losses. Therefore, for the safety of yourself and others, please buy regular fireworks and firecrackers at legal sales outlets, observe the regulations and set them off in a civilized manner, and call the police in time in case of fire.

Many people, like Xiaoqiang, like to set off the Kongming Lantern. It is really romantic to watch the Kongming Lantern rise slowly with good wishes, but I don’t know what rises is romance, and what falls may be disaster. If the Kongming Lantern meets high-rise buildings, power lines and other combustible materials, it will easily cause fire, and the high-lit Kongming Lantern may also endanger the navigation safety of the aircraft. Therefore, for the personal safety and property safety of others and for the maintenance of public safety, please say "NO" to the act of setting off Kongming Lantern!

Driving without drinking, drinking without driving.

During the Lantern Festival, it is inevitable for families to get together and visit relatives and friends, but don’t forget that "there are thousands of roads and safety comes first." Driving after drinking, relatives shed tears. " It is not advisable to drink and drive like Xiaoqiang. According to the provisions of Article 91 of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, driving a motor vehicle after drinking alcohol will be suspended for six months and fined, and the driver’s license will be revoked, detained and fined; If you drive a motor vehicle drunk, you may have to bear criminal responsibility. Please look at the "Drunk Driving Package". There are "Normal Edition, Upgrade Edition and Extreme Edition".

For our own safety and the happiness of our families, we must not drive after drinking, and we hope that we will never use the "drunk driving package".

Finally, I wish everyone can eat the Lantern Festival that meets the food safety standards and have a safe, happy and lively Lantern Festival!

Contributed by Wang Meifang.

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