Entertainment Star Mother Parenting Classic: Sun Li spends time with his children, Angel, and respects children.

  BEIJING, Beijing, May 8 (Reporter Tommy) There are many star moms in the entertainment circle. They are busy with their work and have to take care of their children very hard. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, Zhongxin. com reporters combed the parenting classics of the stars in the entertainment circle. For example, after Sun Li became a mother, she significantly reduced her workload and spent time with her children. Angel’s method of respecting children’s hobbies has been approved by netizens.

  Angel’s educational methods are praised for respecting children’s hobbies.

  Recently, Angel and Aiko Dingding participated in the variety show "Mom is Superman". Dingding was liked by netizens because of her high face value, and the interesting interaction between mother and son was also very fun. Angel revealed that he kissed his son 100 times a day, and at the same time, he often shared his little secrets with him.

  When asked if she was a "hot mom", Angel replied humorously that sometimes she was a "hot mom", but sometimes she might be a "super mom". In fact, the "thing" she mentioned is to let Dingding develop good living habits and teach him when he does something wrong. This attitude has also been approved by many mothers.

  In life, Angel shows great respect for children’s preferences and will support him with practical actions. For example, Dingding likes to play ice hockey, and Angel will accompany his son to ice hockey class and accompany him off the court to cheer for him.

  As for whether the child will enter the entertainment circle in the future, she did not respond clearly. She simply said: "Many things are unexpected, but it will not stop Ding Ding from doing what he likes. As a parent, he wants to give his child a relaxed and free environment."

  Sun Li teaches children well and pays attention to the cultivation of their children’s character.

  Sun Li and Deng Chao had a love affair because they co-starred in the TV series Happiness Like Flowers. In 2010, Deng Chao married Sun Li on his birthday. After the marriage, Sun Li gave birth to a son in November 2011 and a daughter Xiaohua in May 2014.

  Since becoming a mother, Sun Li has significantly reduced production in film and television dramas, freeing up a lot of time to accompany and educate her children. When she attended an activity, she also shared the parenting experience. Once, she waited for an orange and asked her why she couldn’t eat it, but only after peeling it. Sun Li replied, "Son, that’s the orange telling you that what you want is not something you can get with your hand, but something you have to work for." At that time, after listening to his mother’s words, he asked why the pulp in the orange was small and small. Sun Li said, "That is the orange telling you that the sweetness and happiness of life are used to enjoy it slowly. You should know how to cherish the sweetness and happiness of life."

  At the same time, Sun Li thinks it is very necessary to travel with children. "When traveling outside, children are happy, and adults should be happy at the same time. Emotions are transmitted to each other. If you do yourself well and your own gas field is good, it will also affect your child’s emotions. " In addition, Sun Li has also produced a calligraphy work completed with Waiter, and photos of Waiter taking care of his sister, and so on.

  As a mother, Sun Li not only takes good care of her two children, but also pays great attention to the cultivation of their personality. "They are all independent individuals, of course, sometimes we can see their own shadows, but they all have their own personalities. It’s fun, although a mother gave birth to a child with a completely different personality. "

  Cecilia Cheung took her children to work alone to get together with her son.

  Since Cecilia Cheung divorced Nicholas Tse in 2012, she has been living alone with her two sons Lucas and Quintus. The photos of her eating and going out with her sons are often exposed, and her hard work and optimistic behavior in raising children have been praised by netizens. Earlier, Cecilia Cheung revealed in an interview that because children spend less time with their fathers, they will be treated as men by their sons, but they are also glad that the children are sensible and clever.

  In January this year, when she went to Beijing to attend the event, she revealed that she would have the opportunity to come out with her son. "Before I worked, they went to class and chatted through video every day. They always said that they missed me. Now it’s just that they have a holiday and they are together. " At that time, it was snowing lightly in Beijing, and Cecilia Cheung revealed that his youngest son had never seen snow. "When he got up in the morning, he looked at the outside and told him to brush his teeth and ignored me. He said that he wanted to touch the snow, and he also said that he wanted to open his mouth and taste the snow."

  Asked if she would let her two sons participate in the reality show recording, she bluntly said that she would not consider it: "Now they have a lot of homework and don’t want to influence them. If they want to do such a job when they are seventeen or eighteen, I will let them choose for themselves."

  It is worth mentioning that Cecilia Cheung used to live in Singapore with her children, but this year it was revealed that she had moved back to Hong Kong and arranged for her children to enter an aristocratic school. Then she quietly moved her son to the "Kang Paradise" where she lived before marriage. It is reported that she feels lucky there. She was proud of her love career here and earned tens of millions. It is a good luck to move back to the old place this time.

  Hannah Quinlivan, when a mother is sentimental, her daughter loves to visit a maternal and infant store.

  Last January, Hannah Quinlivan and Jay Chou held a romantic wedding in England, and in July of that year, they gave birth to their daughter Xiao Zhouzhou. Although the protection of her beloved daughter is very strict, and her positive photos have never been exposed, she often shares her feelings of raising her daughter and becoming a new mother in Weibo.

  Hannah Quinlivan was once envied by a large number of netizens because she still kept a slim figure during pregnancy, but in this regard, she said that she did not deliberately control her weight. "Before I was pregnant, I was very easy to have a fleshy physique and was often called fat, but because my nose was against my stomach during pregnancy, I couldn’t eat too much. There was an acute sinusitis in the middle, and I vomited all the time, so I didn’t gain any meat. But under normal circumstances, I actually think that pregnancy is (to) enjoy it, be happy and be a pregnant woman, and don’t deliberately keep fit, because the goal of pregnant women is not to be thin and beautiful, but to raise the baby in the belly healthy and happy. "

  When Xiao Zhouzhou was born 100 days ago, Hannah Quinlivan once published Weibo: "Dad is more happy than Mommy to see you grow up day by day, thank you … …” "I hope you have a good outlook on life in the future, and you can meet all kinds of questions that life gives you positively." In addition, she once showed a picture of her daughter learning to climb, and said with emotion, "I don’t know why I suddenly have a feeling, ‘ If you don’t move forward, you will retreat, but if you keep working hard, you will take a big step forward one day ’ Hathy just wants to climb forward, where did mom get so many ideas? "

  In addition, she also said that because it is a habit for mothers to take care of their daughters, nowadays they like to sneak around the maternal and child stores wherever they go. "There seems to be a magic here, no matter which country they go to, they will walk in silently, isn’t it true for every mother?"

  Guan Yue plays the bad COP as a mother: We should set some rules for our children.

  After Guan Yue and David got married, they gave birth to two daughters. Just a few days before Mother’s Day, David confirmed that his beloved wife had given birth to the third child, and also took two photos of her newborn baby in her circle of friends. The two daughters snuggled up to each other and stared at her little brother. "All surprises are the best arrangement! My wife has worked hard and will always love you, as well as this sister and brother. "

  Previously, Guan Yue shared his educational experience with his two daughters many times. Among them, Guan Yue seldom watched TV at home in order not to let the children see him on TV. "Our family has not watched TV for several years. I only watch it for a while when my daughter is asleep, but not much. When the TV is turned on, she basically watches cartoons, so she won’t find out that we are filming together for the time being. "

  In addition, she also said that she had agreed with David to be the good COP in front of her daughter, and the other party would be the bad COP. "But he can’t stand it when he often plays (laughs), and he is still not strict enough. I am very strict when I get serious. I can solve the problem with one look. It is necessary to set some rules for children, and some things must never be done. For example, you must never eat what strangers give you. David originally wanted to be a prestigious father, but generally speaking loudly was the only outbursting skill, and he regretted it immediately afterwards and spoiled it again.