What’s the difference between Lantern Festival and Tangyuan? Who is not suitable for eating Yuanxiao?


  (Source 39 Health Network) In a blink of an eye, the New Year is over and the Lantern Festival is coming. Lantern Festival is a traditional festival in China. On this day, what people miss most is the sweet and soft Lantern Festival.

  Yuanxiao is not glutinous rice balls!

  Many people will think that Yuanxiao is glutinous rice balls, which are all cooked in vain and wrapped in sweet stuffing. However, they are really different! Yuanxiao has a rough taste, and the fillings are mostly sweet, usually white sugar and sesame seeds. After cooking, it will not be as clear as glutinous rice balls, the water will be a little turbid, the skin will be soft, and the filling will be hard and "biting".

  Tangyuan is characterized by softness and smoothness, and the stuffing can be salty materials such as ham and diced meat. Besides, the appearance of dumplings looks much more delicate than Yuanxiao.

  No matter what kind of food you want for the Lantern Festival, there are various flavors to choose from in the market. It’s just that ~ ~ Tangyuan is also picky!


  Yuanxiao and Tangyuan are mostly sweet, but they can only be seen but not eaten by diabetics. Therefore, if there are such patients at home, it is best to choose salty dumplings.

  Cardiovascular patients

  The main ingredient of glutinous rice dumplings is glutinous rice flour, which is difficult to digest in the body. If you eat too much and catch cold again, such patients will easily cause angina pectoris and myocardial infarction.


  Yuanxiao can increase gastric acid secretion, aggravate the stimulation of ulcer surface, and even induce gastric bleeding and gastric perforation.

  the aged

  The digestive function of the elderly is declining, and glutinous rice is a difficult food to digest, so the elderly should eat less and eat slowly to avoid getting stuck in the throat.

  infants and young children

  Glutinous rice is sticky, so it is not recommended for infants under 3 years old to prevent improper chewing from sticking to the esophagus and blocking the respiratory tract.

  In addition to the attention of the crowd, there are also several points to pay attention to when eating Yuanxiao.

  1. Breakfast is not edible. Yuanxiao is a high-calorie and high-sugar food, and it also contains oil, but it has little nutrition, so it is not suitable for breakfast. Just getting up in the morning, when the stomach function is the weakest, it is time to eat some soft and digestible food, while glutinous rice is sticky and difficult to digest.

  2. Don’t be greedy. Yuanxiao is a high-calorie food, boiled well, but if it is fried, the calories are surprisingly high. So don’t eat too much at a time. After eating Yuanxiao, you also need to reduce the amount of staple food to prevent aggravating the stomach burden.

  3. It’s healthier to drink soup on Lantern Festival. Many people will throw out the soup after eating Yuanxiao, which I don’t know how much nutrition I have lost. In fact, all the nutrients in Yuanxiao are dissolved in the soup. Drinking the soup after eating Yuanxiao can promote digestion and absorption, which is what the people often say.

  Editor: Jiang Jing