Xiaomi su7,99,000, forget it!

Xiaomi automobile technology conference

Officially held on December 28th.

Xiaomi SU7 officially unveiled.

As one of the heaviest models at the end of this year.

This conference only shared dry goods at the technical level.

The price of the car was not announced.

Body size of Xiaomi SU7


Wheelbase 3000mm

Positioning the C-class car is bigger than the Model 3.

The appearance is extremely round and smooth.

Exquisite carving of the car body

Let the wind resistance coefficient of SU7 come to.

Amazing 0.195Cd

It is the absolute first echelon in the production car.

Two configuration versions were announced at the press conference.

They are SU7 and SU7 Max respectively.

SU7 adopts rear single motor.

The maximum horsepower is 299Ps

Peak torque 400 n m

Zero-hundred acceleration 5.28s

The maximum speed is 210 km/h.

100 braking distance is 35.5m.

Lithium iron phosphate battery pack with 73.6kWh

The pure battery life of CLTC is 668km.

SU7 Max adopts dual-motor all-wheel drive layout.

The maximum horsepower is 673Ps

Peak torque 838 n m

Zero acceleration 2.78s

The maximum speed is 265 km/h.

100 braking distance is 33.3m.

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited ternary lithium battery pack with 101kWh.

CLTC has a pure battery life of 800km.

This move will directly

Krypton 007′ s 2.84 seconds broke a hundred.

World’s fastest mid-size car title

Directly break in 24 hours.

Super performance is inseparable from the efforts of the R&D team behind it.

Within 1000 days of the announcement of the car.

The Xiaomi automobile team built the Xiaomi super motor.

Its V6/V6S speed reaches 21000rpm.

At present, it has been mass-produced and boarded.

V8S version motor speed can reach 27200rpm.

Will get on the bus in 2025.

And in the experimental results obtained in the laboratory at present

An amazing motor speed of 35000rpm has been achieved.

It also indicates that there will be a stronger version of SU7 in the future.

Will meet with consumers

The word integrated die casting in recent years

Gradually enter the consumer’s field of vision

With fewer parts and higher strength

Integrated die casting has become a new idea of making cars.

Xiaomi brought us this time

9100 tons of millet super die casting

And developed through layer-by-layer screening.

Millet Titan alloy

The two join forces.

Combine 72 parts into one.

Built the rear floor of the whole vehicle.

Combined with CTB battery body integration technology

Let the structural strength of the whole vehicle by going up one flight of stairs.

The interior part is the strongest 8295 chip at present.

Not surprisingly, it appeared on SU7.

Above the center console is 16.1 inches at 16:10.

Central control large screen with 3K resolution

There are several physical buttons left below.

In addition to the most commonly used air conditioners

There are also electric tail fins and air suspension adjustment.

In the words of General Lei,

This is convenient for you to install X.

The open source of the system has always been

The strength of Xiaomi electronic products

At the car level.

澎湃 OS also inherited this perfectly.

Mobile phone and car machine are seamlessly interconnected.

The intelligent cockpit can realize the ecological opening of Xiaomi’s car family.

Users can connect mobile phones, tablets and other devices.

Seamless connection with cockpit system

Realize real-time synchronization and sharing of data.

And non-Android devices can also

Access the whole set of 澎湃 OS

Users no longer have to worry about cross-system operation difficulties.

Judging from the real machine demonstration at the conference site

SU7′ s intellectual driving completion is also very high.

Xiaomi full stack self-research Xiaomi Pilot

Double OrinX chips and laser radar all get on the bus.

At the current level of the first echelon.

At the press conference, General Lei said

This is a dream cars that carries all aspirations.

It’s a car comparable to Tesla.

Dream Car comparable to Porsche

9.9 Forget it, and 14.9 Forget it.

But this does not prevent us from making a bold guess.

If the SU7 starts at 19.99w

Would all spiritual shareholders like to make friends?