How much negative energy is hidden in the museum by throwing bowls, bottles and computer keyboards?

  Our reporter Yuan Lu.

  The new thing "decompression hall" is on fire. Recently, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other places, decompression halls integrating games, sports, photography and other entertainment have quietly grown. Young people eager to decompress rushed to buy tickets, shouting, throwing pillows, striking tables, smashing bowls and bottles, and even many parents took their children to punch in.

  But if you want to release the pressure that has accumulated in your heart for a long time, must you yell at the wall? During the field visit, the reporter found that brand-new pottery bowls, keyboards and even computer screens were smashed, which not only caused waste of materials, but also encouraged the violent tendencies of children and young people.

  Decompress the museum into a popular punching place

  "hey! Look, I found a treasure place to relax and decompress on weekends. It’s perfect for friends to organize games. I can shoot arrows, trampoline, bowling and bowl-breaking, and it’s especially exciting to watch! " Xiao Meng, who works in a big Internet factory, is pulling online celebrity’s recommendation posts, which are frequently praised by nearly 3,000 people, while encouraging his colleagues to organize a bureau on weekends.

  The predecessor of the decompression hall can be traced back to the "Sarah’s Dish Cabin" in San Diego during the global financial crisis in 2008. Similar "vent houses" have also begun to appear in first-tier cities in China in recent years.

  On platforms such as Tik Tok, Little Red Book, and Public Comment, online celebrity bloggers have made "super-many projects" as the recommended focus of decompression libraries. So what can the decompression hall play? The reporter went to a "wonderful decompression hall" near Chongwenmen. In this space of less than 300 square meters, there are 36 decompression items, such as archery, bowling, waterbed, delivery experience, trampoline and bowl throwing, just like a small playground.

  Tickets for this kind of decompression hall, which is unlimited in duration and can be accessed infinitely in one day with a bracelet, are expensive, and weekends are the prime time for its business. Take "Qiqi Decompression Hall" as an example. The online price of the store’s weekend and holiday tickets is 138 yuan, which is higher than the daily online ticket price of 20 yuan. At the same time, there are 188 yuan "one big and one small" fun parent-child tickets and 88 yuan fun children tickets.

  The reporter noticed that most of the people who come to the decompression hall are young people after 90 or even 00, mainly couples, girlfriends, young white-collar workers, students and parents.

  "I love this golden toilet and bathtub. It’s so beautiful to take pictures! Really drunk. " A young girl smiled at her companion. In the decompression hall, almost all young people took out their mobile phones to take pictures. Many tourists told reporters that it is more important to complete the "hot punch" than to really "release the pressure".

  Breaking bowls and bottles becomes the hottest project.

  Three brand-new pottery bowls are lined up in a room less than 4 square meters. In the laughter of tourists, these pottery bowls were violently thrown at the wall painted with chimpanzees and turned into pieces and fell into a pile of broken bowls. "It’s not loud enough, throw it harder!" A girl shouted to her boyfriend next to her.

  In another room less than 3 square meters, the iron gate is closed. In the room, young people wearing motorcycle helmets, yellow plastic protective clothing and transparent rain boots are excitedly smashing wine bottles against the wall and screaming and dodging the spilled glass crumbs. The two boys laughed: "It’s so exciting, we haven’t played enough. Why don’t we buy some more bowls and wine bottles?"

  On the social platform, online celebrity bloggers are particularly excited to introduce the hottest project of Decompression Hall to the camera, and many post titles even equate Decompression Hall with "Anything can be smashed". "Many people come to the bowl-breaking house, which can be said to be the hottest project in our store." A staff member told reporters. On the shelf behind her, there are neat new pottery bowls in cartons, and dozens of recycled Fujia white beer bottles are piled in woven bags on the ground.

  "We also provide computer keyboards and screens for smashing, but there is a single charge." The staff member said. The reporter saw all kinds of "vent packages" marked on the wall poster: "gnashing teeth" package 38 yuan, including 3 clay bowls, 2 wine bottles and 1 host keyboard; 58 yuan, the "Hate to the Bone" package, includes 5 ceramic bowls, 3 wine bottles and 1 host keyboard; 88 yuan, a set meal of "Anger between People and Gods", includes a computer screen and a host keyboard.

  The reporter saw that in the room where the wine bottles were thrown, there were still many keyboards that were knocked into several large pieces, and the translucent circuit boards were exposed, and a few minutes ago they were lying brand-new in corrugated boxes.

  "It’s really a pity." A lady who brought a baby to play could not help feeling. But the little boy, who was about eight or nine years old, was very excited and kept begging his mother to buy extra pottery bowl packages for him to smash.

  "Do you have to smash things if you want to release pressure?" Some netizens commented that most young people may regard this as a joke, but it does not rule out that such venting will encourage a few people’s violent tendencies, especially children with immature minds, and it is easy to form a cognitive misunderstanding of throwing things under pressure in such a scene.

  Health is difficult to reach the standard, hidden dangers of epidemic prevention in Tibet

  "ah! There seems to be glass slag in this glove. " A girl let out an exclamation after wearing gloves in a bowl-smashing room. Almost at the same time, the reporter also felt a sharp pain from the ring finger of his right hand — — In the wear-resistant cotton gloves provided by the merchants, there are many small pieces of glass.

  Compared with the risk of scratches, the crowded decompression hall on weekends also hides all kinds of epidemic prevention hidden dangers caused by substandard hygiene. Because of the busy taking photos, customers in the decompression hall generally took off their masks. In the "instant noodle building" game area, visitors need to say "ah" loudly into a "microphone" made of welded steel pipes. The longer the sound of "ah" lasts, the higher the instant noodles stack. However, the reporter stayed nearby for a whole hour and found that a total of 11 groups of tourists took turns using the equipment, and no staff cleaned and disinfected it all the time.

  "Stop pushing, I’m about to fall." On the starry water bed, four children screamed and played, ignoring the notice that "at most two people can experience at the same time" in the area, and there was no staff at the scene to remind them to keep a safe distance.

  In order to reduce labor costs, decompression halls generally use part-time employees to guide tourists, resulting in relatively loose actual management and lax epidemic prevention measures.

  "Decompression pavilion is a good business? What the merchants consider is to calculate the economic accounts such as decoration expenses, material expenses and rent. But for the investment industry, we need to think more about whether it is appropriate to encourage young people to smash pottery bowls, wine bottles and keyboards. Is there more sustainable positive energy scenes in this emerging consumption? " An investor told reporters. Our reporter Yuan Lu photo