The new forces of medical chat escort the health of customers, and the one-stop medical service of "screening-diagnosis-treatment" is going on

Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer threatening human life and health. China Cardiovascular Health and Disease Report 2021 shows that there are about 330 million clients with cardiovascular diseases in China, which is equivalent to 2 deaths in every 5 cases. Nowadays, cardiovascular disease is no longer a "patent" for the elderly. According to the data in the White Paper on Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Health for Young and Middle-aged People in China, the trend of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in China is obvious, and the hearts of more and more young people are accelerating aging.

As we all know, the heart is one of the most important organs in the human body. If a person’s heart beats 70 times a minute on average and his life span is 70 years, his heart will beat nearly 2.6 billion times in his life. Once the heart stops beating, it means that this life is coming to an end.

It is precisely because the mortality rate of cardiovascular diseases is high and still on the rise. Early diagnosis, early intervention and early treatment are undoubtedly important ways to prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases. However, many patients with cardiovascular diseases have no obvious symptoms in the early stage, and once they get sick, they will be life-threatening. Therefore, only by developing the habit of regular physical examination can we find those "bombs" hidden in the cardiovascular system during the examination.

Imaging examination plays an indispensable role in clinical diagnosis. As a powerful supplement, third-party health testing services often solve personalized problems for patients.

Ping ‘an Health (Testing) Center creates personalized medical services with a "four-in-one" comprehensive medical service model of image diagnosis, medical examination, special specialties and high-end physical examination. Its innovative model meets people’s multi-dimensional health management needs from prevention to diagnosis to treatment.

Zheng Suisheng, chief medical officer of Hefei Ping ‘an Health (Testing) Center, said that the essence of high-quality medical service is to simplify the medical treatment process. Ping ‘an Health (Testing) Center connects screening, diagnosis and hospitalization, and opens up the whole course management of complex diseases. Here, customers can get a "worry-free and time-saving" one-stop medical and health service of "screening-diagnosis-treatment".

A warm "medical experience" for young guys.

One morning, a mother took her son, Mr. Zhang, anxiously to Hefei Ping ‘an Health (Testing) Center. Mr. Zhang, 35, frowned and got off the taxi with the help of his mother.

It turned out that Mr. Zhang began to have symptoms of chest tightness and breathlessness the day before. I thought I could get some relief after going home from work and sleeping, but I didn’t expect that after a night, the symptoms not only didn’t ease, but also became more and more serious.

The mother couldn’t bear to watch her son suffer, so she came to the nearest 3A hospital early in the morning. "In the hospital, the doctor asked him to do CT, but my son and daughter-in-law are pregnant. We heard that CT has radiation, so the doctor suggested that we do an MR coronary angiography, but this examination needs to be queued, and it will take at least a week to get on the line, but he is in an emergency. Where can he wait? We will hurry to the Ping An Health (Testing) Center. " MR. Zhang’s mother told the health community that there is no need to queue up for Mr coronary angiography here, and the results will be available soon.

Before the inspection, Mr. Zhang specially consulted the relevant information on the Internet and asked his friends who had done this inspection. The friend told him that it was not easy to do this inspection and it was very noisy.

The friend’s answer inevitably worried Mr. Zhang. When he entered Hefei Ping ‘an Health (Testing) Center, the humanized environmental design and intimate service process quickly eased his nervousness. When he was lying in the machine, the nurse helped him put on his headphones very intimately, and the gentle music sounded, and he gradually relaxed. Not only that, but also a display screen is designed in the equipment, so that Mr. Zhang can watch humorous and relaxed videos during the inspection.

Mr. Zhang’s inspection process went smoothly. Two hours later, they walked into the consulting room of Wang Shangzhong, director of the physical examination center of Hefei Ping ‘an Health (Testing) Center with the video report.

Wang Shangzhong found that there was basically no obvious abnormality in Mr. Zhang’s left coronary artery and right coronary artery, and from the results of symptoms and imaging reports, Mr. Zhang’s body was not too bad. "Young man, are you busy and nervous at work recently?" Wang Shangzhong told Mr. Zhang that he should pay attention to the combination of work and rest, have more rest and exercise properly. Such a reply finally put down the hanging hearts of mother and son.

In recent years, sudden death of young adults has occurred frequently, and more and more young people like Mr. Zhang pay close attention to their heart health. Frequent overdrafts of health quotas have sent abnormal signals to their bodies, and many young people have taken the lead in "active health".

Is sudden death really getting younger and younger? Wang Shangzhong told the health sector that from the clinical experience, the proportion of young people in sudden death has indeed increased, and some people have not even experienced symptoms such as hypertension, hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia. "In the case of sudden death, 70% is caused by coronary heart disease. There are many reasons for the high incidence of coronary heart disease. Changes in environment and lifestyle and increased pressure are all promoting the younger incidence of coronary heart disease." Wang Shangzhong said.

No allergy, no radiation, and the clinical application of MR coronary angiography is getting wider and wider.

In the past clinical experience, patients with coronary heart disease under 40 years old were rare, but now, patients with coronary heart disease or atherosclerosis in their twenties have also increased. In this regard, Zheng Suisheng believes that this is due to the increasingly personalized and refined image detection methods.

For more than a hundred years since its birth, modern medical imaging has been moving forward along the development path of "invasive → minimally invasive → non-invasive".

Zheng Suisheng said that there are currently three commonly used coronary artery examination methods, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

The first is DSA(X-ray angiography), which is the gold standard for the diagnosis of coronary heart disease. It can directly display the stenosis of blood vessels, especially the degree of vascular stenosis, which is of great significance to the choice of treatment schemes for coronary heart disease. However, this technique can not display and evaluate the plaque, plaque composition and stability that cause coronary artery stenosis, and it is also an invasive examination with large radiation dose and high cost.

The second is CT coronary angiography, which is a non-invasive, convenient and safe examination method, can clearly show the stenosis of vascular lumen and has a high accuracy in the diagnosis of coronary heart disease. However, this test requires intravenous injection of iodine-containing contrast agent, and very few examiners will have allergies, even shock and death. At the same time, there is some radiation in the inspection.

The third is MR coronary angiography, which is not only non-invasive and radiation-free, but also has the advantages of good resolution and clarity. The most important thing is that the coronary artery can be comprehensively examined without intravenous injection of contrast agent, which has irreplaceable advantages in finding coronary lesions at an earlier time and avoiding life-threatening.

Philips has always been a leader in the global MR market. Nowadays, in line with the development path of imaging diagnosis, MR innovative technology for half a century is applied to the field of noninvasive coronary artery screening. With artificial intelligence and compressed sensing technology, the scanning speed and scanning quality can be improved, so that magnetic resonance coronary artery examination can really enter the clinic, providing more accurate screening programs for medical institutions and health testing institutions, thus giving patients more convenient and safe screening options. In clinic, MR coronary angiography is a relatively safe and accurate screening method for coronary heart disease, so it is widely used.

Clinicians suggest that people with high risk factors of coronary heart disease, family history and bad living habits, people with allergies, intolerance to CT coronary angiography, and excessive tension and fear of radiation can choose this safer MR coronary imaging without intravenous injection of contrast agent, allergy and radiation. Zheng Suisheng said that it is obviously more appropriate to carry out the physical examination without injection and contrast agent, which has a good sense of experience and is easy for the subjects to accept.

However, Zheng Suisheng also mentioned that at present, it is still difficult to carry out MR coronary angiography widely in China, because it requires relevant equipment and professional imaging doctors and technicians.

"Screening-diagnosis-treatment" one-stop medical service to protect the health of customers.

At present, with people’s increasing attention to health, finding and removing hidden dangers in time, especially the "time bomb" in the heart, has become a "necessary option" for many people to be responsible for health. Effective screening and early intervention of coronary heart disease is a major measure to fundamentally reduce the mortality rate of coronary heart disease.

Ping An Health (Testing) Center can achieve efficient and accurate early screening of coronary heart disease through various technical means. According to Zheng Suisheng, in addition to general electrocardiogram examination and 24-hour dynamic monitoring, Ping An Health (Testing) Center provides customers with cardiac ultrasound, coronary CT, coronary MR angiography, PET/CT and PET/MR, as well as five related laboratory tests such as myocardial enzymes, proteins and myocardial infarction. Taking the non-invasive coronary artery screening project as an example, this examination can make more people enjoy the reassuring experience, pay attention to their heart state earlier, and realize efficient early and accurate screening of coronary heart disease.

Finding hidden dangers, timely diagnosis and treatment are the important objectives of the examination. After accurate imaging diagnosis, Ping An Health (Testing) Center will provide professional consultation and analysis for customers, provide multidisciplinary consultation for patients with difficult diseases and serious illnesses, arrange referral services from famous hospitals for customers with further treatment needs, and solve medical problems in one stop.

Wang Quanshi, chief medical officer of Guangzhou Ping ‘an Health (Testing) Center, told the health sector that, specifically, after customers with different needs have completed a comprehensive inspection, the center will judge the health status of customers, and this judgment can be divided into two types. "If the customer’s ECG and other tests suggest that there is a certain problem in health and the customer needs further diagnosis, we will arrange a doctor’s clinic for the customer and make further examination according to the specific situation." Dr. Quan Wang said that the doctor will give reasonable suggestions according to the examination results, including how to improve the lifestyle and whether other interventions are needed, and at the same time, he will establish long-term health follow-up for customers, including medication and re-examination.

In another case, the customer’s examination results suggest that the illness is serious, and the center will also provide referrals from famous hospitals to help customers find the most suitable hospitals and experts to take the next step of treatment. After treatment, customers will also be followed up for a long time.

It must be said that Ping An Health (Testing) Center has always been committed to providing people with more convenient, more accurate and safer health testing services, from traditional imaging diagnosis to health management in the whole course and life cycle.

With high-end equipment, cutting-edge technology and authoritative experts as the core, Ping An Health (Testing) Center explores an innovative model different from the traditional medical service system to meet people’s multi-dimensional health management needs from prevention to diagnosis to treatment. As Zheng Suisheng said, the essence of high-quality medical service is to simplify the process of medical treatment. Ping An Health (Testing) Center connects screening, diagnosis and hospitalization, and opens up the whole course management of complex diseases.

One-stop medical service of "screening-diagnosis-treatment" is escorting the health of more and more customers.