Wuhan is back with spring, and the flowers in the movie are in full bloom!

Special feature of 1905 film network Wuhan came back together with spring. With the deregulation of the passage from Han to Hubei today, Wuhan has crossed from winter to spring.The sky is clear and clear, and it’s spring.andJingming.Spring is a time to enjoy flowers and feel alive.The season of life germination is also the season with the most colorful flowers in a year. At this time, it is better to follow the beautiful scenery in the movie, stay indoors, enjoy the flowers and see the willows, and go for an outing together.

A good place to go for an outing is naturally full of large tracts of flower fields.In Miyazaki Hayao’s animation, there is never a lack of large tracts of grass and flower beds where flowers bloom. In the forest, Chihiro passed through a large area of azaleas, hydrangeas and pea flowers. These flowers bloom from spring to summer at the same time, which also indicates that Chihiro has entered the "realm of God", which is very different from the real world.

In another Miyazaki Hayao movie, a large sea of flowers opens in the most secret place in Hal’s heart, symbolizing a pure and beautiful world.

The flower fields in movies always seem to be related to romance and fairy tales. It is a warm and beautiful adult fairy tale in itself, and the most impressive thing in it is also related to flowers.heroineAlison LohmanOpen the window and seeEwan mcgregorThe picture of standing in a daffodil field should be a heart-warming moment for many women. The two men were lying in the yellow daffodils, and the warm and bright feeling was also the touch that the story wanted to convey to the audience.

Outside the yellow daffodil field, the film contributed a red flower field. In fact, red flower fields are not uncommon in movies. European and American directors especially like the characters to appear in the field of young women. In the movie, that flower field symbolizing World War I was unforgettable. In the movie, Dorothy and her friends were drunk in the flower field of the young girl and lost track of time.

The advantage of movies is that we can enjoy the scenery of the four seasons in one day.Maggie Cheung and Joey Wong are surrounded by a large lotus pond. Although the lotus flower is a symbol of summer, watching this fairy lotus flower in the movie adds more classical meaning to the whole story.

Flowers should be the most representative scenery in spring. The poet said that a flower and a world, even the smallest flower, will be seen by the poet.From accumulating energy in winter to releasing fragrance in spring, it has experienced a change from cold to warm, which reflects the power of life. When we appreciate flowers, what we appreciate is actually the vitality and vitality of nature.


There are not only large fields of flowers, a flower and a tree in the movie, but also bring infinite vitality to people in the movie. In the movie, Zhao Wei plays Princess Jing, in front of her house, there are rows of trees with the most splendid flowers. There is a scene in the film, that is, after changing skin with Xiao Wei played by Zhou Xun, Princess Jing goes out and smells a flower carefully.

Unforgettable flower trees in Chinese movies and peach blossoms in the garden. Peach blossom in full bloom, colorful, bright red fire.For China people, peach blossom is the representative of spring.Wong Kar waiThe director said that the reason why Peach Blossom is so emphasized in chinese odyssey is that Peach Blossom actually plays an important role in China culture. What he likes is the concept of "life with peach blossoms", which is why the film chinese odyssey came into being.

In the park, Matilda held the green plants, which were unforgettable pictures for many people. Even in the parks of Stephen Chow and Karen Mok, the two of them made a spoof.

In addition to flower fields, Chinese movies prefer to look for a fairyland in the beautiful valley of Qifeng. Now is also a good time to celebrate the Spring Festival in these beautiful scenery.Zhangjiajie and Wulingyuan were chosen as the location of the movie, and it is important that the towering peaks here can realize the fantasy world built by the film.I chose the Grand Canyon in Enshi, Hubei.


Hou Hsiao-hsien directed the most beautiful guidebook for outing in China, Japan and other places. Whether it’s the Peace Shrine in Kyoto or the Yuanjiao Temple in Himeji, there is an ancient meaning in the green.In the part of Chinese mainland shooting, Wudang Mountain, Shennongjia and Dajiu Lake, all these scenery, like the landscape paintings of ancient China, restore the ancient meaning in the legend of the Tang Dynasty, directed by Hou Xiaoxian.rivers and lakesAdded a touch of Dan Qing’s wonderful pen.


Looking for the poetry of ancient China in modern China, and Ang Lee’s, he found the entity for the bloody rivers and lakes of Jin Ge Tiema in the villages of southern Anhui. If you have an outing plan, you can not only visit the ancient villages of Xidi and Hongcun, but also appreciate the green bamboo in every Chinese director’s heart.


After Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was released, someone asked the director Ang Lee:"Where does the magnificent picture of ten thousand mu of bamboo, lakes and mountains in the film come from?" Answer: "from the bamboo sea in southern Sichuan."

In addition to these famous mountains and rivers, galloping on the grassland is also a good choice for hiking.The story of herders and wolves fighting each other in the grassland for survival. The grassland in the film is in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and the vast land of Wulagai grassland is presented to people through the big screen and becomes the "grassland on the horizon" in the film.

In addition to the flowers and beautiful scenery mentioned above, the "big flower lovers" in spring are naturally neighboring Japan and cherry blossoms. "Thousands of cherries shine like snow." Trees full of pink flowers are also an unforgettable sight in spring.In,Matsu TakakoThe smile standing under the cherry tree is an unforgettable picture left by a newcomer to countless fans; "Five centimeters per second" has become the most representative cherry blossom animation, and its title is the speed of cherry blossom landing.


In the middle school, two girl friends are laughing and running under the cherry blossoms; Sayuri, played by Zhang Ziyi, also met the idol who wanted to work hard to become a better person under the cherry tree. In "The Evil Woman Based on Flowers", under the rich lens of Mika Ninagawa, the cherry blossoms are particularly rare.


Spring is such a season full of all kinds of beauty. In the natural world, dreams woven by flowers and plants are the reason why many people like spring. In addition to flowers, grass, trees and other symbols of spring. Spring rain is also a sign of this opportunity. Gao YuanyuanStarring, just use a thick green and soft rain to outline a touching story.apricotIt takes spring rain to know the season, and the rain and wind in spring also make the feelings in the movie extraordinarily gentle.

Maybe this spring is a little different from the past. Maybe you are looking forward to this spring. The arrival of spring is always full of symbolic meaning in the poet’s pen. The hope, vitality and prosperity of spring make people regard this season as a new beginning of the year. Going hiking with movies is a natural gift that we cherish after spring comes. Dongfeng tried a new knife ruler, and thousands of leaves and flowers were cut with one hand.