Young girls are keen to read gay novels and laugh at the rotten women (Figure)


  Gay comic books are the favorite of modern "rotten women". New Express reporter Xia Shizhen/photo

  New Express News (Reporter Wu Xuanjian) doesn’t like shopping and dressing up, and rarely contacts with outsiders. He likes to play games and watch cartoons at home, especially addicted to "boy’s slow" novels and cartoons (referred to as "bl" novels, which describe the feelings of gay men). In Japan, girls with this tendency laugh at themselves as "rotten women".

  The reporter learned that the current "bl" novels are quite popular on the Internet. At present, more and more young girls in Guangzhou like this kind of "bl" novels, and they also claim to be "rotten women". However, psychologists suggest that girls with immature minds should be cautious about "bl" novels, and do not affect their normal sexual psychology because of excessive addiction.

  "bl" Novels Meet Different Fantasies

  The "rotten girl" penguin (net name) is 20 years old. She is introverted. Unlike most girls, she likes to watch comics and play games at home since she was a child. "The highest record is that she can stay at home for two weeks." Five years ago, as a senior one, she came across a novel named sleeper in an old bookstore. When she went back, she found that it was about the love story between gay men. At first, she was a little resistant to "homosexuality", but after reading a few pages, she found that the plot was well written and read on.

  Penguin said that in the past, when reading comics about heterosexual love, I saw the entanglement between the hero and the heroine, and I felt that the heroine was annoying and tortured the handsome guy constantly. However, reading love novels or comics about gay men would not have this feeling, but I felt that the more they tortured each other, the better they looked, because both parties in love were handsome guys they liked.

  Penguin has read more than 300 such bl novels since the first year of high school. Now she will pay special attention to the "handsome boys" around her when she walks into the street, and fantasizing about the love story between handsome men has become the most common topic of conversation among "rotten women" like her.

  Another "rotten woman", A Chong (net name), said that the love stories described in this kind of "bl" novels can satisfy their desire to fantasize about "perfect and different" love, and "once she becomes a" rotten woman ",A Chong said that she has read" bl "novels for three or four years.