On the fifteenth day of the first month, Lantern Festival is celebrated. Do you like handmade Lantern Festival in Zaozhuang?

Reporter Wang Han ricas
The first full moon of the new year has risen.
The Lantern Festival has arrived.
Dragon and lion dance lantern
And the round Lantern Festival.
Draw a satisfactory full stop for the New Year Festival.
There are various kinds of Yuanxiao in the market.
In Zaozhuang, handmade Lantern Festival is very popular with local people.
Many citizens go shopping on the occasion of the Lantern Festival.
According to Master Gao, the second to fifteenth day of the first lunar month is the peak season for selling Yuanxiao.
Especially on the 14th and 15th, the business is the best.
You can buy more than 2,000 Jin a day.
The reporter learned that the price of handmade Lantern Festival in Zaozhuang is seven or eight yuan a catty.
On the fifteenth day of the first month, the north eats Yuanxiao and the south eats glutinous rice balls.
Looks the same.
The difference lies in the production process.
One is rolling, the other is bag.
The dumpling stuffing smells delicate and sweet.
The stuffing is fried in advance and can be eaten directly.
It tastes instant in the mouth.
Master Liu said that five kernels and black sesame seeds are more popular with the public and sell best.
Of course, there are also innovative tastes.
Such as red dates, strawberries, hawthorn and so on.
The production of Yuanxiao is a word-"roll"
The stuffing is cut into four squares.
Then put it into a hedge and dip it in water, then pour it into a big basin filled with glutinous rice flour and shake it constantly.
After soaking well, pour the water into the big basin and continue to shake.
Shake it about seven or eight times
The white and fat Lantern Festival is finished.
After the boiled Yuanxiao is cooked,
The taste is waxy and tough, which is very special.
Put it in a bowl and squeeze it.
Like a family
Gather round and round.
Round yuanxiao is like a full moon.
the Lantern Festival
Eat a bowl of hot Yuanxiao.
Wish everyone a better life in the new year.
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